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regarding allicin dosage
Started by mattb
Posted: August 23, 2006 at 21:35
Linda has stated that she takes 6000 mcg of allicin four times daily.

Cathy has stated that she has taken 1350 mg of allicin daily.

There are 1000 micrograms (mcg) in 1 milligram (mg).

Therefore 6000 mcg four times daily = 24,000 mcg which is equal to 24 mg.

So...there's a big difference between taking 24 mg and 1350 mg, isn't there? Is 24 mg a high enough dose to be useful? While purchasing a bottle of Vitamin Shoppe Allicin 6000 is cheap (100 for $12), it actually makes more economic sense to purchase a more expensive product - more bang for your buck, dosage-wise. An entire bottle of 100 only yields 600 mg!

I did find another allicin product called Allitru which, like Allimax, is 180 mg of allicin per capsule but only $39 for a bottle of $100. Seems like a good compromise between price and strength.

Re: regarding allicin dosage
Reply #1 by Linda
Posted: August 24, 2006 at 14:47
My dose of 6000mcg 4 times daily is now my maintainance dose. Plus I also take an odorless garlic tab 4 times daily. You see, garlic itself has so many healing properties in it that you really get a huge benefit from taking it. Although allicin and allin are the properties in garlic that are antibacterial, and have the antibiotic healing properties, you don't get all the other healing properties that garlic has to offer. When we are in the midst of fighting this beast, the allimax and allimed are probably more beneficial all around(cost factor, strength, dosages)But if you want to get all the healing benefits of garlic, you also need to be taking a dose 3-4 times daily in addition to the isolated allicin.
Just very quickly for those of you who aren't familiar with garlics healing properties. Garlic contains 33 isolated compounds that include the allicin and aliin. You already know that the allicin and alliin are the substances responsible for garlics antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. But garlic also contains a cholesterol and lipid lowering effect, a mitogenetic factor that stimulates cell growth and rejuvenating qualities, a anti-hemolytic factor that helps in treatments of anemia, an anti-arthritic factor, a sugar regulating factor, and anti-coagulant factor, as well as the antioxidant factor. And finally, garlic is an excellent source of biologically active selenium, which has an antiartherosclerotic property(preventing platelet adhesion and clot formation) and normalizes blood pressure and protects against infections.
This is why garlic is an important building block in re-building your immune system. So use the isolated allicin/alliin when we are in the throws of fighting this beast, and then make sure you remain on a maintenance dose of it and take an odorless garlic tab 2 to 4 times daily for optimal health. Linda
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