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is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Started by sonie
Posted: March 25, 2006 at 19:06
i am wondering if it worse when you actually have it ont he inside of your body instead of the skin???i have it due to a hysterectomy,and a bikini cut incision...ive had 2 surgeries now within 7 weeks,and am going to have to have another as i have another abcess,and its getting much much incision is left open at this point,and being packed 2 times a day.i just wondered how much worse it is to have this inside your body...also last week while in the hospital i was on the iv antibitoic van-something....2 days after returning home,the infection was back with a vengions...if this antibiotic dont work,what will??and how bad is this inside my body..can it spread to my organs and things like that???thanks...
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #1 by Linda
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 02:55
Hi, I'm sorry to tell you that MRSA inside the body is typically much worse than on the skin, mainly because IV Vancomycin is about the only thing that works on it, if you're lucky. It took 10 weeks for my body to start responding to the vanc, and that was after they went ahead and removed the tissue expanders that were infected with it. I was undergoing breast reconstruction when I contracted MRSA from a small incision they had to make after they started filling because they couldn't find the valve on the right side. since then, I've been through 3 more surgeries and 2 more pick-lines with in home IV Vancomycin for 6 to 10 weeks each time. And each time, the blood work showed that my body was supposidly free of the MRSA. The problem with having inside the body, is that you never really know if your bodies rid of it or if it is just staying colonized somewhere in your body. All I can say is good luck, and I hope that your's will be better than mine has been
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #2 by sonie
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 06:27
i just could not believe it came back so soon...had the surgery for it last thursday..they lanced a bunch of abcessed,and removed a bunch of dead tissue,i was released on friday,then by monday,the abcess was back again...maybe im a big baby,or dont have a high pain tolerance like others,but im in extream pain in my stomach,and where my incision is left open..the packing is hurting it so bad as it is swollen,and so very tender....when they released me,the doc put me on 2000 mg of keeflex a day,which i have now been told,will not touch this...he called me friday to inform me he has referred me to a infectious disease worry is that,the infection has again turned green,and has a very foul odor as it did when i was admitted last week,and this new doc cant see me for 2 weeks..i dont know whats going to happen to me in 2 weeks time..i already feel like i have the flu all the time,and have felt this way since my originally surgery in jan...not to mention the pain is just so bad at times.....what happens if the vanc dont take care of it since its inside my body??is there something else they can do??also,do i have a higher chance of it entering my blood stream and other organs since its on the inside??thanks so much for responding to my post....sonie
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #3 by Linda
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 16:57
Please dont wait for to weeks to see the ID doctor. Get into someone somewhere even if you have to go into the ER and make them culture and put you IV vancomycin. I was in the same boat at you and they kept putting me on oral antibiotic that didn't touch this infection. And I felt so sick. flu like symptoms and a high fever. by the time the ID doctor got ahold of me and got me on IV Vanc twice daily, he was able to finally able to clear up the infection after 8 weeks of treatment, but I still had to have another surgery and have the tissue expanders removed because they were infected with the MRSA and kept giving it back to me. I will be praying for you, and please dont wait 2 weeks. Your body may not be able to fight it that long. Linda
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #4 by sonie
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 17:59
hi there ladies...thanks for all you advise...i woke up this morning with the flu lik feeling,and incredibly sick to my stomach....i had this feeling for several weeks before i was admitted this last time,but about my 3 day at the hospital,and that feeling had subsided,to only find it is back....if i go to the er,and they know i have mrsa,and realize ive abcessed again,can they insert my picc-line?and will they be willing to give me the help i need before i see the id doc??alot of hospitas here tend to wanna pass the buck sort to speak...
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #5 by lisa
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 18:19
sonie,PLEASE GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW,it sounds like this is an emergancy that shouldn't wait for weeks to be treated! by no means am I a doctor or have medical advice for anyone but from what you say this is "extreamly" urgent.
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #6 by lisa
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 18:22
I wish you well and hope you get treatment fast.
my prayers and thoughts will be with you.
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #7 by sandi
Posted: March 26, 2006 at 18:55
I know your troubles. You must demand treatment. I have also taken vancomycin until now I have vrsa. (resistant to vancomycin) I have tried zyvox and can only tolerate it for a short period of time. I have also tried a new drug daptomycin ( had serious side effects ) i got mrsa after ankle surger in 2005 and have had three picc lines and now they can not get a picc in (vanco eats up veins) I have a cathier straight into my heart thru my right breast. WE must demand new medicines. I am willing to do anything I can to help this fight. We have no celebrities raising money for research for MRSA and it kills more people than aids, car accidents, and cancer. WE need help. I will pray for you.
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #8 by sonie
Posted: March 27, 2006
thank you all so much..up untill 3 days,i did not even know this exsisted..sad though if you think about rampade this is getting,and little know about it!my nurse came today,she said shes calling the doc in the am as he opens,and telling him he needs to send orders for me to go to the hospital and have the picc-ine started,and start on the vanc..if he does not do this,and wants to leave it to the id doc,that i cant see for over a week,i am going to march into the er,and i proise you,i will refuse to leave till someone treats me!!all they have to do is pull my packing out,and im sure they will at that point help me!i dont understand how doctors can be so blazay blazay about this,knowing how many people die each year from this!!my nurse told me today that its very very serious to have it on the inside,much much more than on the skin,however,she said the skin form is no picnic i always going to have to battle this now??i had been told that this is going to wipe out my immune system,is this true also....people do need to raise awareness about this...let me know if i can help in any way to do this..noone in my family even knew about this untill 3 days there all terrified im going to die,or there going to catch it.....thanks for listening...sonie
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #9 by sandi
Posted: March 27, 2006 at 03:53
You are right it does wipe out your immune system. My white cell count is so low now that they worry if I contract something nothing will fight it. I am afriad to be around anyone that is the least bit sick. If anyone knows how to build up your white cell count, please let me know. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to post here. I was emailing a person that lost the battle with MRSA last month and this has deeply sadened me. Sandi
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #10 by Linda
Posted: March 27, 2006 at 15:33
Make sure you dont leave the er without orders to insert a pick-line. When my MRSA came back for the 3rd time after my permenant implants were placed, My ID doc had hoped that they could save them. I was in the hospital out-patient getting another pick-line in to start the Vanc. I showed the nurse the right breast and she immediately contacted my doctors office saying that would be over there as soon as I was finished with the pick-line proceedure. This was on a friday and they said I couldn't wait until monday when I was suppose to see the doc again. The incision had opened up with about quarter-size holes in 2 places and looked as if the skin had literally been eaten away, and the prosthetic was showing through. If I had waited until monday for them to get me started on the vanc. I might not be here today. And if nothing they can admit you thru the Er and start an IV and get you on the Vanc immediatly. A regular post for an IV just doesn't hold up very long when using vanc. especially taking it every 12 hrs. Just have faith and stand your ground. Then when you get back home, you need to start taking some products and herbs that are proven to strengthen your immune system because once you're done with the treatment, you won't have an immune system left. There are many terrific products that work very well, and I've probably used them all at some point. The NONI is good but you need about 5000mg C and about 2500 garlic with it to have it work the best. Colloidal Silver is also good, but again not by itself. And Grape seed extract and pomegranate are both excellent for boosting your immune system. Thats why I like the product I'm taking now because just about every one of these products are already in it to create a very potent cocktail. It is an ENIVA product called VIBE. I'll be keeping you in my prayers and please keep us posted as to how you're getting along.
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #11 by sonie
Posted: March 27, 2006 at 19:24
my nurse is coming,and of course,she is late...shes going to call the doc,ask if he will send orders for the pic-line untill i can see the id if he refuses,then i will get help from the er,if someone dont help me,im going to sue everyone involved in this whole stupid it always this hard to get help,and treatment..when you have infection coming out of your gutt???thanks sonie
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #12 by sonie
Posted: March 27, 2006 at 21:52
hi nurse got piniky when she was here...she is on her way back to her office,and she is bypassing my regular doc,and phoning the id doc...besides the infection coming out,she said the whole inside of my abdomin that she can see through the incision is completley green,and she said it is much worse than when she was here on friday...she said,the doc will probably want me to go to the hospital she works at,have me started on a pic-line and stay for a couple days,then that way,since im in the hospital,its considered a emergency,and she will have to come see me...shes calling me as soon as she gets off the phone with the id doc..please wish me luck...sonie
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #13 by Dyana
Posted: March 28, 2006
Dear Sonie: I remember the fear I had last year, you must get on Vanco, demand it, 2 x a day for at least ten days! It is an IV but it is your best chance at getting rid of this. Be your own advocate, make sure they do a culture right away to see if Vanco will work, if not, they have other drugs. Vancomycin is very strong on the body, so you must start taking some probiotics-good ones, with Vitamin C and take some high antioxidants, organic juices, like, Noni, Pomegranite, or Acai. Mix it with grape, do not take sugar, watch that your juices aren't loaded with corn syrup, but are all natural... Your body needs everything it can to fight this. Mrsa is always serious, the problem is that they let you go without a rpesciption to continue the Vanco. It may have become resistant to it now.. You must build your immune system during and after this affliction or else it can come back... Eat well, get your vitamins, take twenty supplements a day, to get what you need. Check yourself into the hospital to fight it, and see an ID Doctor while you are in there. Demand it! You can't afford for this to spread which it will very fast like you have seen. Be agressive with it and then give your body what it needs to fight it on its own.... Typical MD's have spent less than two month on nutritian, so talk to a dietician, call a local natural foods store and get what they recommend. Don't spare the expense. You can beat MRSA, but you've got to go to war with it first, Vacnomucin is the gun, but to win the battle you need ammuniation- vitamins, probiotics and supplements, anitoxidants especially, drink a lot! Your body is a perfect machine, if you give it what it needs it will fight it, but you have to do IV vanco or the like first. You have gotton too weak... Even if you don't get admitted, go to an infusion clinic, and get your drugs 2 x a day. If you were a diabetic, you'd get dialysis and insulin, remember this is only temporary. Keep affirming, "I will beat this infection.." Pray to Archangel Raphael, the healer, and Michael, the protector, give them permission to help you. It will strengthen your resolve. I hope you are not alone.. If you are, you won't feel like it for long after you pray! We are with you too. after two bouts with it last summer, I am gratefully free of MRSA, but I am on to help others get to the place I am at and stay there. I work at a Wholistic Medicine Clinic around naturalpathic doctors and MD's that have been trained in both knds of medicine. they always take the natural approach to chronic illness, but acute illness, what you have, must be addressed quickly and with more aggression... then you can work on staying well forever after that.

Bright Blessings and prayers to you Sonie, this too shall pass, and you will be made stronger for oversoming the challenge, and help others to do the same. You are not alone... God Bless,

Rev. Dyana 561-644-1340 cell
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #14 by Linda
Posted: March 28, 2006 at 15:57
My Wonderful grandmother and Aunt(really my surrogate Mom) were there for my during all of this time and called me 2-3 times a day to talk to me and pray. They said that when 2 or more gathered in his name, your prayers are heard and answered, maybe not the way you hope, but answered anyway. I was so scared and they would call and pray with me over the phone. My aunt would tell me to think positive and not to let negative thoughts creep in(easir said than done) that that was the devil working on you. And she would tell me to repeat over and over again, I AM HEALED BY HIS STRIPES. Obviously my prayers were answered, just not the way I would have hoped. So far my wounds seem to be closing and clear of infection. I just dont have the implants. But what I do have is a family that loves me, and husband that is much more understanding now. I didn't have much support from him during all of this as he blamed me for being sick. He said that I should have gone back to work when I did. Then he said that I shouldn't have started the proceedure in the first place. I finally got fed up and told him that that was easy for him to say when he wasn't the one who had body parts cut off that make him feel like less of a man. After that, things were better. Just don't cut yourself off from friends and family no matter how low you feel. You need all the support you can get, and don't be surprised if you have to stay in the hospital longer than you expect. And expect to have to stay on IV vanc twice daily for 6-8 weeks after you get home. Hang in there. And know that you are in my prayers and will be thought of every day.
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #15 by sandi
Posted: March 28, 2006 at 23:36
I just came from my ID doc and my sed rate is up so back on vancomycin I go. I will have to be on it for another two months. IT seems this never ends. Pray for me. I pray for all of you . Thanks Sandi
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #16 by sheryl
Posted: March 29, 2006 at 02:30
re:sonie It sounds like the flesh eating virus..GO TO HOSPITAL PLEASE..
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #17 by sonie
Posted: March 29, 2006 at 03:27
you guys,they did not help me!!the doctor said its definatly infected again,DUH,he didnt even look into my stomach,he pulled my packing out only half way(Then left it half way out,didnt tell me,and didnt re-pack me)..took some more blood cultures...i insisted he call the id doc im going to see,he refused and said he wanted to call the doc who did my surgery,that doc told me he was aware of the issues i am having,and thats why he sent me to a id doc because he cant handle the situation..the doc told me while the infection looks bad,my white cells are ok,and make sure i see the id doc,offered me MORE pain meds i told him i didnt want more pills,i want to be helped,and he sent me can they do can he look at me tell me he knows its abcessed again,and just pat me on my head,and send me on my way...why are these doctors like this???????i dont know which way to turn at this point!!!my doctor who did my surgery did call today,and told me to come into his office tomorrow....i am soooo sooo sick of doctors,and hospitals,and blood tests,and needles..they know whats wrong with me,WHY WONT THEY HELP ME???????the surgeon said hes going to culture the infection again tomorrow while im in there,and send those results also to the id doc...maybe they just dont think im bad off enough or something,but i was under the impression that infection coming out of a 8 inch hole in ones stomach was something kinda serious..AM I WRONG HERE???????sorry for venting..i just started this process,i know some of you have dealt with this for months and months,some for years,im already just frustrated....have you all had these kinds of problems with some docs?????
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #18 by sandi
Posted: March 29, 2006 at 04:12
Iknow what you are going thru. I had to find another ID doctor, the one I had did not monitor my vanc levelsand nearly killed me. I went into kidney failure. Feel free to vent, you are just like the rest of us searching for answers. I will keep you in my thoughts. sandi
Re: is mrsa inside the body worse than on the skin
Reply #19 by Linda
Posted: March 29, 2006 at 15:31
I understand how you're feeling. I was left dangling ffor over 10 weeks with them just refilling the clindamycin and doing cultures. The clindamycin finally gave me an allergic reaction and I broke out in hives so severe that they all ran together and I looked like one huge welt, and running over 102 temp. That's when I went back to my primary doc instead of the surgeon and he gave me a predisone shot and put me on a med pack to clear up the hives. He was also the one who started me on IV vanc in which I went to the er every day to get it for 10 days and he set up the apt. with my ID doctor who I saw the day after I finished the Iv 10 days. My primary was on the right track, he just hadn't given me a strong enough dose. Maybe if you go ahead and go into the ID doctor you're suppose to see and tell the nurse you have to be worked in to be seen right them as you've already been to the ER and they said you had to see the ID doc because they could do no more for you. If this ID doc you are suppose to see is half as good as the one I found, he will make time to see you. The longer this stuff cooks inside your body, the longer it will take for your body to start responding to any meds, even IV vanc. In the meantime, I hope you're trying to take some of the products for your immune system. If your nausea is very bad, tell your doctor you need a script for compazine, then you should be able to take meds and keep them down.
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