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MRSA on my face!
Started by Cindy Hughes
Posted: December 9, 2005 at 18:33
Reply #3 by Cindy Hughes Posted: December 8, 2005 at 22:37

My MRSA boils keep coming back in different places.
This time it is in my hairline on my face above my ear and to the left of my eyebrow. My left eye is really swollen and down the ear and into the neck area.
I've been out of work since July and do not have any insurance or a doctor. So, I don't have enough $$ or time to put up with the Dr.s that don't believe me, and only cause mutation before they culture, and the anti-biotics they perscribe don't work anyway,(Sound familiear?)
so I started using the Oregeno Oil that I had from Young Living Essential Oils on the top of the really swollen places. The actual ulcer has exploded and is draining slowly, and I found 2 Cipro that I took. So, what now? I'm sure it is being active in m,y sinusis and nose?
Summer of 2004, I was hopitalized and almost lost my hand, and had a pic with IV antibiotics for 2 weeks after release. It was paid for with my insurance from my work.
Now I only have been able to get part time jobs, 2 of them. They don't have benefits.
What do I do now?
I posted that yesterday and am on my way to the Community Clinic to try to get the zyvox. I'm continuing with the oregeno oil, but nothing positive has happened yet, except more drainage. the sore is about the size of a dime now.
On my face!!!


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Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #1 by Christi
Posted: December 14, 2005
Fighting MRSA is so frustrating and exhausting!
We healed our 3 yr. old son of recurring MRSA after trying to fight it for 12 mos. w/antibiotic after antibiotic. The boils were originally only in his diaper area and then they spread to his legs, stomach and arms. We were so exhausted and scared with this stuff that we finally were open to trying a different path of treatment. Besides, the antibiotics only worked temporarily because the MRSA kept coming back again and again. Even in addition to using Bactrim in his nose and Hibicleanse soap for bathing. The repeated use of antibiotics also weakens the immune system so we were really just setting him up for constant illness! We got a copy of his medical records and noticed that the more antibiotics he was on the sooner the MRSA came back!
After hearing about some success and getting some advice from a friend on these health products, we gave it a try. It's a combination of probiotics (good bacteria's) that naturally feed on the bad bacterias (MRSA) and boosting the immune system and it worked! Our son hasn't been sick with anything in 4 months! We also discovered (by pure accident) that using these products also cleared up his allergies and now we don't have to hassle with taking him for allergy shots anymore! This has been such a blessing for us. We have our lives back!
Our son, John Michael, had previously been on almost 1 antibiotic per month from Aug. of 2004-July of 2005 for MRSA. Even though he was misdiagnosed with foliculitis (ingrown hair) and diaper rash a few times before confirmed culture was MRSA! My father was a doctor (an endocrinologist) and I never would have believed you could get well without an antibiotic, and now our doctors say.."I can't argure with your results". Our story and the products we used are located at in the Forum, under "Your MRSA/Superbug Experience" titled "We Healed Recurring MRSA in Our Son". I think it's dated Nov. 16th? I hope this helps! If you have any questions my e-mail is I'll be happy to help anyone get out of suffering the months of MRSA we did! Christi

Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #2 by lily
Posted: December 21, 2005 at 18:45
The drainage means its attacking the virus and your body is Is "cleaning house". Dont expect an over night miracle-this is not the "common cold" your fighting. Try diffusing oils that kill airborne viruses. Check out and check out Start juicing. Drink Thyme tea. Your immunity neads a boost to fight this effectively.
Allimax cream should also heal your boils. Wish you quick healing and GOD'S blessing.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #3 by Natalie
Posted: December 29, 2005
I am struggling with the same thing now. I have gotten it right on my eyelid and now two on my face. I never had "acne" until I contracted MRSA two years ago from my Boyfriend who has extreme Exzema. He got it from his mother who spent two days in a hospital after a serious car accident. I have been using clyndimiacin and all the other awful antibiotics they have been giving me. Each time I use it I get sicker and get the staph back even quicker than if I just let the boils pop and use my bactroban. I hate that doctors suggest rigorous use of antibacterials in there hospitals as a solution to this awful disease. That has only FURTHERED the issue and is what helped the bacteria to mutate because all the beneficial bacteria has been taken away from our living conditions. I have not left the country for the past two years because I am afraid of spreading this disease but I so badly want to travel. I am only 21 and MRSA has really altered my plans. Right now I am trying natural antibiotics to kill it and have found that burdock root compresses help drain the boils quickly along with oregon graperoot bark tincture internally. I am feeling hopeless and am glad to know that I am not alone. I want to try this Manuka honey and will keep seeking answers.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #4 by dave
Posted: December 29, 2005 at 23:00
i have had mrsa on my face 3 times in 6 mo the pain was so bad; luckly antibiotics cured it i need a permenant cure, asscidofolious for yeast infections can restore some healthy bacteria good luck
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #5 by Frustrated
Posted: December 29, 2005 at 23:20
Hello Guys!

I'm so happy to have found this site, as I also suffer from MRSA on my face. I feel really frustrated because the boils on my face appear even though, I keep strict hygiene (use of topical antibiotics & antibacterial soap) So far, I've been on erythromycin and penicillin, but as you can imagine this nasty bacteria has developed immunity against these agents. My doctor doesn't want to prescribe me anything else and just tells me to "deal with it" unless it becomes quite severe. Needless to say, I not only feel frustrated but it has smashed my self-confidence. I just ordered manuka honey and hope this takes care of it, also willing to try other natural cures. Best of luck to you all!
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #6 by Nervous with MRSA
Posted: October 14, 2009 at 03:58
I noticed my eye was swelling and I had a hardened lump on my eyelid. It just kept
getting bigger by the day so finally I had it checked out and at first I was told it was
an abscess. The doctor took scissors and cut my eyelid open and drained the wound
and packed it with wick to try and heal it from the inside out. However, my symptoms
grew increasingly worse and my face began swelling below my eye. The doctor had to
recut the wound and make it bigger to try to get all of the pus out and re-pack it. He
put me on Rifampin and a sulfa drug. These drugs have made me SO sick, I am never
hungry, always nauseated, have a migraine and am throwing up. THe doctors have said
taking my antibiotics are VERY important and if I miss a dose I will be hospitalized.
They cultured the pus and it turns out I do have MRSA. I am scared to death of
infecting my family and others, this is going to be a long hard battle I guess...
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #7 by Nancy R
Posted: October 14, 2009 at 07:46
Dear Nervous:

I can only pray that you will have good results with the meds your doctor has prescribed. I know what its like to be sick from the meds. I spent a lot of time throwing up when I was on Zyvox. It was brutal. However, so is MRSA. Add to that the thought of being hospitalized (that's where a LOT of folks got the MRSA in the first place!) you do need to understand that this is very serious. Your doctor has told you the truth. MRSA is everywhere now, sad to say.

Take one day at a time. Stay on top of your meds and pay attention to any changes in your condition. I used to take my temperature 4 times a day. I found that when I was about to have a recurrence, my temperature would be unusually low in the morning (sometimes as low as 94.7) and go up to 99.9 or higher by 7 PM. This is not a misprint. That was the range. However, I had HA MRSA, not CA MRSA, which is what you likely have. Both are bitches to be rid of.

It is essential that you do everything in your power to strengthen your immune system, for in the end, that is what will keep the bacteria in check. Good luck.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #8 by Sarah
Posted: April 1, 2010 at 04:42
Well... my story is a lot like everyone elses' here, but I've been struggling with MRSA for 6 years. Yes, I said 6 years. I'm only 24 but I contracted when I was 18 from a friend whose boyfriend contracted it after a stay in medical in the military. For the first few outbreaks, the boils were in my midsection, on my thighs, and around my lady parts (UGH!) I didn't think anything could be worse until they started occuring in my underarms. There is no way to avoid putting pressure on them there. But worst is what I've been dealing with in recent years... outbreaks on my face. I had mild acne in high school, but this is just unbearable and has ruined my self-confidence. The first facial outbreak I had was in the corner of my eye, which took me out of classes for 2 weeks. The next was in the middle of my right cheek--- the ER doc decided to lance it, so I'm left with an ugly scar that sticks out because of the scar tissue. After that experience, I decided doctors will have nothing to do with the outbreaks themselves. I only seem to get the boils now on my face... the ridge of my nose, in my smile lines around my mouth, in my nodes in my neck, and on my forehead are the favorite places for my MRSA. Right now, I am faily sure I am getting not one, but two boils... one on my nose almost in the corner of my eye, the other right where my ear meets my temple. I have hardly slept the last few nights out of fear of what is to come with these two.

I work in a customer service field that puts in my front of 1500+ customers a day. How do you all handle the stares from strangers? I'll never forget the time I had a boil just under my lip that swelled so much that my bottom lip looked like collagen injections gone wrong and all the stares I got at work. Or when I had one on my eyebrow bone and the left side of my face swelled up to make me look like a modern-day triceratops. Do you bandage facial MRSA? I know its the worse thing to do, but I do what I can to cover it with makeup for work. I even have my bangs cut long to cover outbreaks on my forehead and I'll wear my hairdown and make sure to to look dead-on in someone's face when I know I have an ugly boil. Any suggestions? This is getting tiresome but with my poor health insurance and general fear of being lanced again, I can't find a better way.

Thanks guys... may you all be successful in your fight against this awful disease!

Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 2, 2010 at 03:42

If a person applies crushed raw garlic directly to the new lesions as they begin to form, it will burn for a minute but the lesions will go away within 36 hours and they will leave no scar.

It's something people have to do for themselves because their doctors cannot recommend it because there is no approved treatment protocol that includes the use of garlic even though it works.

There is no serious questioning the fact that crushed raw garlic kills all staph, including MRSA and that Mrsa can't become immune to it; the problem is getting it to the site of the infection, which is easy to do if the site of the infection is on or near the surface. If it is deeply submerged, that is another matter.

The art comes in finding creative ways to get the allicin to the where it's needed. It's a battle you have to fight all by yourself because there are no FDA protocols outlining its usage and there are not expected to be any time soon.

Garlic water is the most practical approach because garlic retains its antibiotic punch even when quite diluted; it's just not as strong diluted as it is straight but what is? You can gargle with it, you can use a dropper to put drops into the ear to fight ear infections.

You can use it in douches and enemas and you can even bathe in it and get it into your system through your skin. You can chug-a-lug garlic water to get a flush of allicin into the blood stream – that’ll actually give you a little buzz.

Crushed raw garlic damages cells; that's what it does and that's what makes it a killer of bacteria and why bacteria cannot become immune to it. The idea is to get this substance into contact with the staph in sufficient concentration to kill the staph while doing little or no damage to the surrounding body cells. What little damage crushed raw garlic does to the skin is easily repaired by natural body defenses; the problem is the burning sensation that is felt when it is applied directly to a lesion. Just breathing in the fumes does wonders for bacterial lung infections and does not burn.

The garlic water has little or no burn but it takes longer and more treatments to work. I would dilute it no more than necessary to reduce the burn – it doesn’t make ordinary skin burn, only the lesion.

A few drops of garlic water might do wonders, you never know until you try.

Only natural non-irradiated garlic works but there is an easy way to tell if garlic has been irradiated and that is to cut open a clove from a bulb and if you find tiny pale green leaves at the core, it is good garlic but if there are no tiny leaves at the core, it has been irradiated and is no good.

Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #10 by Matt
Posted: April 6, 2010 at 04:26
Tea Tree Oil

Put that on the boil, bandage, and watch it begin to disappear in just a couple of days.

You can get it at Whole Foods.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #11 by Lois
Posted: April 7, 2010 at 19:49

Do you have an Infectious Disease Specialist? If not, you need to get one ASAP. They are the ones that can help you the most. Please please get one!

The above posts can help you, but getting an ID is also extremely important.

Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #12 by Amanda
Posted: June 10, 2010 at 16:47
So Glad to have found you guys... I've had diffrent MRSA bumps on diffrent parts of my body for over 2 years now. The one I am batteling now is on my bottom lip in the lower left corner of my mouth. This is the most painful one yet! I went to the doctor today and they told me they couldnt help me this time that I would need to go to the hospital. WHO HAS THE MONEY FOR THAT??? We lost health insurance at work last year so I cant afford to go to the hospital. I guess they are going to lance it. I dont want them to lance my lip but I guess I'm out of options. It is getting worse with every passing second and is now that heated to the touch, bright red from my check bone halfway down my nech. This is horrible and I feel for everyone of you
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #13 by ladyk
Posted: June 12, 2010 at 06:31
Amanda -

Please seek an Infectious Disease specialist in your area directly.

Current lesion needs to be cultured. Lesion could very well be impetigo, but without culture you are left with only speculation and that is where problems concerning resistance begin. One can not treat an 'unidentified' bacteria with absolute certainty unless a culture is done.

It is to your benefit to have a specialist who deals with infectious diseases follow you. I have no doubt due the severity of infection you are describing they would fit you right in. Your comment of [" heated to the touch, bright red from my check bone halfway down my nech"] is a real concern in my opinion! MRSA is an aggressive pathogenic (disease causing) contagion... if not dealt with appropriately it can/will take every opportunity attempting to take over host.

Don't hesitate.

What are you using to control bacteria?

Be sure not to put anything on lip lesion prior to going to ID for best culture results.

Be sure to use cross contamination precautions as any drainage from a MRSA lesion is a contagion easily spread about your body, and others as well.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes Amanda, let me know how things go and if I can help you further.


Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #14 by Jay
Posted: July 27, 2010 at 13:47
I have started to get boils on my face, and they seem to be coming closer and closer together since my first one 3 months ago. I get them on my face, the last 3 have been very close to each other, but take a few days after one has healed up before the next one comes up. I have just had a blood test for diabetes and waiting for the results. The doc also just put me on erythromycin 4 times a day for 2 months so I am hoping that it will help me stop getting them.

In the meantime I am trying to detox from sugar and artificial sweetener, which is really hard because I am totally addicted to sugar. Doing two weeks of meat free, dairy free, wheat free, sugar free diet to try to build up my system, become healthier in general and therefore hopefully be able to fight off the nasty infection.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #15 by ladyk
Posted: July 29, 2010 at 16:50
Jay -

Have lesions been cultured?

Do you have an Infectious Disease specialist overseeing your case?

Are you Jay with complications of Staphylococcus capitis who posted end of May beginning June 2010?

What catches my eye directly is [“The doc also just put me on erythromycin 4 times a day for 2 months so I am hoping that it will help me stop getting them.”]

*It is important for you to know regardless if MRSA has been cultured and susceptibility shows clindamycin, erythromycin… these antibiotics carry multiple studies depicting ‘inducible resistance’ meaning once an individual ingests meds - resistance to them follows directly, and they are rendered useless in controlling bacteria. An adept Infectious Disease specialist would know this, and would also know a D-test, etc. is necessary when considering either med. Therefore in my opinion IF MRSA is cultured one would have better chances of success controlling bacteria utilizing other choices.

One should be aware there are erythromycin-resistant isolates of Staph.

You may find the following links on this subject of interest:

Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Department of Microbiology

Infectious Disease News

What pro-active measures are you taking to control bacteria?


Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #16 by Ben
Posted: August 23, 2010 at 08:00
I can't tell if the "rash" on my face is more MRSA, or eczema from all the
antibacterial soap I've been using.
Backstory: I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago when I went to Urgent Care for two
underarm abcesses. I was exposed by a close friend who had MRSA this past
winter and spring. I took 10 days of Bactrim, and was referred to an ID specialist.
He said to finish the Bactrim, and he would see me 7 days later, I assume to see
how well my body fights the infection. My case is kind of complicated, because I
have a history of eczema, so the tape from the bandages severely irritated my skin
each time I had to rip it off. The docs were concerned that I would get staph in the
irritated places, so I stopped using tape. THAT was interesting...try to bandage an
armpit using no tape.
The Bactrim did it's job...the abcesses are closed and healing, the one's that were
forming are halted, and the tape wounds are better. I have also been applying a
Tea Tree lotion, and it is definitely helping, although it is also very drying.
My face is a concern now. It doesn't seem like eczema, but there are no boils yet,
either. I'm on my 4th day w/o Bactrim, but the breakout started right at the end of
my Bactrim round, anyway.
And the underarm places are starting the little bubbles. I guess w/o the antibiotic,
the MRSA is getting more control.
I'm starting the garlic water treatment on the infected areas.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #17 by danielle
Posted: August 24, 2010 at 21:06
I am very concerned my son had what appeared to be a pimple on left area of his face above his temple area. He popped it and a day later is was bigger sohe popped it again and within a day it was the a red swollen area the size of a half dollar and just to slighty touch it produced ooze whitish/yellowish. I told him to leave it alone cleaned it with peroxide (thinking it is an infected pimple) and then put some neosporin on it and told him when he got a shower to wash his face with the clearasil facewash. The next day when I got home from work it was worse his face was becoming swollen and the area under his left eye was all puffy and the thing was justing oozing i was trying just to clean his hair away from the area because it was getting matted in the ooze. Any it hurt him badly just to wipe around the area. so last night i look online for severely infected pimples to see what I could do. Then it sounded more like a boil from what i was reading and this said t put warm compresses on the area to draw it out so he did this after the 3 or so compress the blood caked around it cleared and all this gross pussed was coming out just to the slighest pressure and the 5th compress i was trying to wipe away the puss and it looked like a gooey tissue that was whitish and yellowish in color right in the middle about the size of a dime that when you wiped it kinda came out a little but not fully so we kept wiping and it came off and there was a big hole in the area on his head i was completely grossed out. Today i get online and am trying to find out more on this "infected Pimple" and now I see this just which I never heard of. Know I am extremely concerned because i didnt think about it but a week and a half ago he had this same thing on his back that ending in the same way just not as big and I didnt even put two and two together. What should i do take him to ER tonight or try to take hime to the doctor tomorrow his face is still all swollen and after reading all this im freaking out right now. I did call his dr and he said its hard to tell without looking at it and that I should make the decision on whether to take him to the ER or wait til morning. Does this sound like mrsa to you guys.
Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #18 by ladyk
Posted: August 25, 2010
danielle -

Please see post under your topic 'Is this mrsa'


Re: MRSA on my face!
Reply #19 by steve
Posted: November 2, 2010 at 22:20
to christi-i would like to know what types of pro biotics that your son was givin?i too have been 7 years fighting this ,as we speak my right eye on the side is swollen-just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago for the same crap-its a shame all of us have to go thru this,i hear the same stuff all the antibiotics that we get ,bactrum(crap) doesnt work ,doxycyclene-maybe -zyvox-for awhile-vancomycine in the hospital with iv.does help-but 2 weeks later here we go again-this sucks.i dont want try this for the boils or this helps it drain,what is it that we need that will boost our immune system enough to combat this terror.any and all responses are welcome-good luck to all and may we all get better soon--steve
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