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possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Started by jack
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 03:52
My wife got bit by a spider on her thigh in 2003. She went to ER and they drained the venom, sent her home with an anti-venom. A couple of days later, she had a 3 more sores that popped up that resembled the original bite. She went to doctor and they gave her antibiotic. It became worse over next week, so we took her to another doctor and he suggested an outpatient surgery to drain the fluid out.
When they operated, they found a more serious infection then they anticipated and admitted her into the hospital for a week. She was given different antibiotics and drained
and packed her incision with gauze. About the 3rd day, The nurse came in and discontinued her antibiotic iv. She inserted a new iv and they gave her Vancomycin. I asked why were they changing the medicine, she said it wasn't killing the infection. I became concerned and went home that night and looked up vancomycin. I read many articles about people being treated for MRSA with vancomycin. The next morning I confronted the doctor and it was then that he told me it was staph aureus. I was so mad and we felt lied to. The whole time thought this was from the spider. Anyway, she was discharged after 5 days of being on vancomycin, and a nurse came by to pack her wound each day. 2 weeks later I broke out with a series of itchy rash like bumps and went to her infectious disease doctor. He gave me bactrum cream and prescribed me clyndamycin. It cleared it all up. My wife over the last 2 years has felt pain or discomfort at times where the incision had been.
Recently (in the last 2 weeks) she has contracted several viruses (strept throat, bronchitis, eye conjunctivitis and other flu like symptoms). Her doctor gave her zythromycin and penicillin to treat these. Then with this going on she had a root canal done on an infected cavity in her tooth last week and the dentist prescribed her amoxocillin.
Yesterday she was complaining of pain in her leg joint where the MRSA was 2 and 1/2 years ago. Her lymph node in the crease of her leg joint is also swollen. Any thoughts of similiar stories of this related with MRSA coming back? Can antibiotics triger it? Or can a weakend immune system trigger Mrsa again? Thanks for any help!-Jack

Re: possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Reply #1 by sandi
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 04:11
Infectious disease doctors will not tell me what brings it on. I got it from an ankle replacement and it has come back twice. I have had MRSA three times in a year. First time in the fluid around my ankle next in the ankle the last time MRSA was like your wife in a boil on my upper thigh. They have had me go so far as have all metal hardware removed from my ankle. Now I only have a spacer in it. the Infectious disease dr. thought that might be why mine keeps comming back. If this works I will have to have my leg amputated from below the knee, since I can have not metal in it. I also have never regained my health. When you take vanco or zyvox you lower your white cell count, that makes you a easy target for anyother infection. Since the white cells also fight disease when you surpress them, of course you catch everything. I wll remember you both in my prayers. You can email me at If I can be of any help. SAndi
Re: possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Reply #2 by Sandi
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 04:16
I wanted to mention that more people die from hospital accuried infections than from cancer, aids, and trafic accidents combined, but we as a nation do very litt.e In American 130,000 died from this last year. Some states have passed laws that the hospitals have to tell you how many cases they have of this, but very few states. New York was one of the last states Way to go NEw YOrk. We check restaurants, but now hospitals. We need help. Sandi
Re: possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Reply #3 by Mina
Posted: November 25, 2005 at 07:49
No kidding Sandi. The general public is not educated on these kinds of Staph infections. My brother-in-law had one and was never told what it was, he had a surgical incision and drainage, given antibiotics and sent home. No warning for the rest of the family that it's highly contagious, especially when the sores are draining. He ended up thinking his recurrent boils were caused by the water! That is until my infection occured, and we became aware that he had it as well. Thank goodness no one else contracted it back then. In my state, CA, the governator, vetoed the bill that requires hospitals to publicize their infection information, yet there was a law just passed up in Sacramento requiring all restaurants to post their health inspection information in their establishment, even with specific colors for good, so-so and fail! Unbelievable! I mean, that's great but why can't we have that kind of info posted at all medical facilities? Especially if it could mean our lives?!
Re: possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Reply #4 by christi
Posted: November 26, 2005 at 02:57
I do think a weakened immune system can leave us open for recurring MRSA! Our story of how we healed our son is located in this forum. I hope it helps you. You can e-mail me if you've got any questions.
Re:Pilonidal cyst infected with MRSA
Reply #5 by Sandra
Posted: November 15, 2006 at 14:33
In the past 6 months I have had 4 surgerys that Doctors have said was a reaccuring Pilonidal cyst. They've had to debreed the wound several times. This has turned me and my families lives upside down. I've taken FMLA leave through my employer, dring this time they have tried to fire me several times. the problem is, I have just been told I have MRSA in this huge surgical wound, and our health insurence is through my employer. I've taken out a suit aginst the company I work for, but now have just been infomed that around the time my symptoms started, a resident in the assisted living home I work at was being treated for a very bad staph infection, possible MRSA. So we are now certain I contracted this from my job, and this suit has now turned into a workers comp. claim. Now my lawyeris sueing for 4 months of back pay, pay medical bills (alot of them), and pain and suffering. Also I have FMLA claims aginst this company. As far as the MRSA, the wound looks a little bit smaller and is not draining pus. The pain has gotten bearable, but I still take Demeral like it's candy. I've been on several antibiotic. Including- Rifampim, Bactrim DS, Bactroban ointment in my nose and under fingernails, Levaquinn, and Zyvox. It seems like the Zyvox works the best. But I hope you have insurance for this med., because a 14 day script is about 2,000.00 (ouch !) And my DR. wants me on it for about 8 weeks. So if you have good insurence and you've been diagnosed with MRSA ask for Zyvox, and don't waste time or med. co-pays on that other crap. Also if you have a wound that won't seem to heal, demand to be cultured for MRSA. I've had it 6 months and did not know it. It scares the hell out of me because I have a 6 year old son and a 3 year old son. I would be devastated if I gave them this nightmare. As far as the lawsuit, I just want the company to know how stupid they were for keeping that important information from the caregivers of this resident with MRSA, because it has caused a great deal of problems for me. Once they get these medical bills, maybe they will take better care of thier employees.
Re: possibility of mrsa recurrence?
Reply #6 by Linda
Posted: November 15, 2006 at 15:05
Until drastic changes are made in our entire health system, including nursing homes, and home health care systems, as well as the hospitals, the rest of the population is going to suffer. I worked in dietary in a nursing home and all the residents except the alzheimers unit was brought down to a community dining room for meals. They had at least 3 different residents with active MRSA that they were bringing down each day and they told nobody that these residents had MRSA. Consequently, I un-knowingly compromised myself by going into work with a 1/2 incision on my side following an elective surgery 4 weeks earlier. It took only 3 days for my whole side to become septic with cellulitus and test positive for MRSA, only I wasn't told it was MRSA, I found out 2 months later after the surgeons nurse called me to call in yet another oral antibiotic that didn't work.By this time, I was so sick and run down that I could hardly function. My ID Doc told me I got it from work because It would have shown up within the first week after the initial surgery if I had contracted it from the hospital. Of course, the nursing home denied it and claimed I got it from my initial surgery. I was so pissed, that I really wanted to sue just so someone would have to pay for their neglect, but we live in a very small community, and my husband didn't want to make any waves, so I did nothing, and they are still putting people at risk. I've quit over a year ago, and tell everyone I get the chance to about this nursing home improper proceedures, but I'm sure it's done no good. They claim because the hippa laws, they can't tell the workers things like this, but I say, what about the workers rights. Shouldn't we be protected from contagions as well. The good news now is that I'm infection free, for the past 2 months, and I'm working hard to re-build my immune system to get back to the health I enjoyed before contracting this crap. And before this happened, I was only sick 2 days in 2 1/2 years I'd worked there. It wasn't until I had the open incision made on my right side and then went into work that I got sick, and then it happened very fast, like within 3 days, My whole side was infected, red, hot to touch, running a 102 fever, and headache and nausea, and it just went downhill from there. I wound up having 5 surgeries, 3 picc-lines and 25 weeks of IV vanc from 5-6-05 thru 4-2-06. Good luck to you.
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