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Garlic with Bob Anderson
Started by ladyk
Posted: January 10, 2010 at 16:34

To the forum…

As I mentioned some time back, I’d be putting up information concerning garlic… finally it’s up. As you all know I’m very selective and after much research I believe I’ve found a very good source and unique perspective concerning garlic to share with all of you.

You can find a portion of this interesting and educational write up on under the drop down menu top right entitled ‘Supplements’.

I’d also like to introduce this document’s author to forum – Mr. Bob Anderson will be coming onto forum to assist us in learning all we can concerning the properties of garlic.

Please help him to feel at home. Ask the million questions.


Welcome Bob!

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 13, 2010 at 22:03

Thank you, ladyk.

Yes, I am the Gourmet Garlic Gardens guy.

A little introduction:
I have no qualifications whatsoever to say anything at all, as I do not even have a degree, much less a doctorate. I am a fairly ordinary person with an extraordinary interest in garlic and a website to dissiminate the information I discover about garlic.

The information I possess comes to me directly from some of the most knowledgeable scientists in the world when it comes to garlic. I was priviliged to be invited to a series of annual gatherings called the Garlic is Life Symposium in Tulsa, OK from 1999 through 2003. There I attended many lectures by and had discussions with many scientists from several disciplines The sponsor, Darrel Merrell, now deceased, and I were the only ones without a single doctorate degree. The information I pass on is from these many discussions.

What I wish to do is give people who suffer from MRSA some practical information about garlic and the many ways it can be used to combat MRSA.

Mine is an educational mission not a quest for profits, not that there's anything wrong with that. I know exactly how garlic works against staph and I believe many people could benefit by having the same knowledge and choosing on their own whether to use it. I don't expect to make any money out of it here, though I may eventually write a book or something. Right now my goal is to let as many people as possible know about it , especially those who already suffer from it.

I am not a doctor and cannot practice medicine or give medical advice, all I can do is discuss garlic and its folk uses as well as modern variations based on modern discoveries. People and their health care practicioners can make their own decisions about what to do, if anything.

Your doctor knows little or nothing about garlic because it is not taught in med school and there is no FDA treatment protocol that includes garlic.

Now that the necessary disclaimer is out of the way, I would like to write one or more articles on garlic's effects on bacteria and staph, specifically and how that information can be applied.

The first one will be called garlic and staph to acquaint readers with the essentials and it will be posted in this forum soon.
Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #2 by Nancy R
Posted: January 13, 2010 at 22:05

Welcome Bob. Can't wait to read your posts. I'm here to learn.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #3 by ladyk
Posted: January 14, 2010 at 14:50

Bob -

First I want to thank you for the information you have been providing forum.

I've been doing a bit of reading concerning ‘irradiation’ and have a few questions. If garlic is such a sturdy plant, what was the win over argument (FDA approval) to irradiate based on concerning garlic? Is irradiation pest control related (what pest) or preservation related? Does anyone else have a problem with this? Has anyone seen the radura (irradiation) symbol on grocery produce/products?

preserve food: to treat food with electromagnetic radiation to kill microorganisms and slow down the process of ripening and gradual deterioration or rotting

expose somebody or something to radiation: to expose somebody to or treat somebody or something with radiation or streams of particles

[“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all aspects of irradiation: what products it can be used on, what dose can be used, and how those products are labeled. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for the inspection and monitoring of irradiated meat and poultry products and for the enforcement of FDA regulations concerning those products. *Since 1986, all irradiated products must carry the international symbol called a radura, which resembles a stylized flower.”]

This has brought awareness front and center. Personally speaking if one isn’t concerned on many levels about irradiated products, there are pesticide concerns, as well as fertilization practices. Here in the Central Valley of California (coined by some ‘the growing capital of the world’) there is always talk of the latter two concerns. Pair those with irradiation, and I’m convinced backyard garlic growing has to be better for us.

Out of curiosity I grabbed a bottle (bought at local supermarket) of World Classics Minced Garlic with Red Pepper from my cupboard to inspect label for irradiation symbol. None. That got me thinking… in light of no FDA symbol, how are we to know if the garlic has or has not been zapped?

I cannot see how irradiation doesn’t disturb allicin. What are your thoughts on this?

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 14, 2010 at 17:20
ladyk -

You're absolutely right. Irradiation prevents allicin from forming because it kills the anzyme, alliinase, that triggers the process that results in allicin so irradiated garlic has no health benefits.

As far as I know, it is not done in the USA. Probably most of the commercial white garlic available through grocery stores comes from China, which grows twice as much garlic as the rest of the world combined. Chinese garlic has many large private growers and some but not all, Chinese garlic has been irradiated to prevent it from sprouting and ruining its shelf life and value as a food.

Normal supermarket garlic sprouts soon after it is put out on display so it usually sprouts soon after you get it home. That is your assurance that the garlic has not been irradiated so it has health benefits but you should use it soon as it will not keep. Garlic is stored in the backroom of stores at 32F and it does not freeze at that temp but keeps well for about a year as long as it is at that temp. As soon as it is brought up to normal room temp, it sprouts immediately due to the vernalizing effect of cold storage.

If supermarket garlic doesn't sprout, there is an increased liklihood it has been irradiated. There are a couple of ways you can find out. Irradiated garlic has a garlicky taste but doesn't have any pungency or hotness because the enzyme no longer exists to trigger the process.

A more reliable way to tell is to cut a clove vertically down the center and look at the two halves. Normal healthy garlic will have a spear-like bundle of tiny creamy to light green leaves, called an epicotyl, in the center. If a garlic has been irradiated, the center will be empty and have a brownish stain because it is dead.

If you buy from a local grower or if you grow it yourself, you know it hasn't been irradiated. If garlic is stored at normal room temp from the time it is harvested in early to mid summer, it will store from five to ten months or more, depending on variety, quality, growing and storing conditions. Silverskins can store a year or more.

I'm trying to spread the word about garlic and encourage people to grow their own or buy it from a local grower.

Fresh garlic is more efficatious than most garlic preparations most of the time if used right - there's more to it than eating it.

It can be crushed and added to water for a potent antibiotic liquid or spray. You can breathe in the fumes and obtain relief for nasal/sinus, throat and lung ailments that involve bacteria. Garlic water enemas can achieve wonders. There are many ways crushed raw garlic can be use to directly confront staph but the deeper staph is the harder it is to get to.

The best thing of all is that staph cannot become immune to crushed raw garlic the way it has all those pharmacdeutical antibiotics because crushed raw garlic doesn't depend on receptors to work.

You can use it as much as you need or want to. Just ordinary garlic.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #5 by ladyk
Posted: February 25, 2010 at 16:23
Hi Bob,

I do hope you are finding the forum interesting, and thank you again for your input on garlic.

I am hoping to pick your brain a bit concerning best selection of garlic to grow, how and when it is best to plant, days to maturity? Are Silverskins the best?

Onions just came to our local supplier, and this got me thinking about attempting to grow garlic this year.

We only use organic fertilizer and nothing more, no pesticides... whatever bears fruit/veggies good for human consumption we eat, anything with irregularities is mixed back into the earth.

Any tips you have to offer would be great.

Thanks Bob.
Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #6 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 27, 2010 at 04:20
Ladyk -

The best garlic to grow depends on where you live as there are ten basic different kinds of garlic and some of them thrive in the north while some do well in warm winter environments, like Creole, Artichoke and Silverskin varieties. Rocamboles require cold winter and cool springs but Porcelains and Purple Stripes and Asiatic and Turban varieties do well throughout most of the USA.

For those who haven't visited my website,, I invite you to check it out and learn about all the different kinds and how to grow your own garlic. Garlic is best planted in the fall and harvested in early to mid summer. Good growers all sell out in the fall and there is seldom any decent garlic left for spring planting which which results in smaller bulbs than fall planting even with good planting stock. Garlic almost never freezes out, even in Canada.

We are already accepting orders for sampler assortments for shipping in August/September.

I recommend growing several different kinds as they are all different. If you have both long storing and also early harvesting kinds, your long storing Porcelains and Silverkins may still be good when you begin harvesting your early maturing kinds and you may never run out of good garlic. If you have only short storing kinds that keep only 5-6 months you will have no garlic half the year or more. Asiatics, Turbans and some Artichokes will harvest around June but Silverskins not until August. The Asiatics and Turbans ones will usually store until mid-fall while the Artichoke types and the Purple Stripes are usually good into January or February, Porcelains into May and Silverskins often store into July - almost a year.

The hotter and stronger the garlic the more medicinal qualities with most authorities seeing Porcelains as the most medicinal but I'm not so sure that is always true as I have occasionally gotten excellent results with a mild Polish White. Porcelains are the densest garlics and some are very hot when raw.

This year I am setting up a garlic growers farmers market in the website so people can buy direct from the growers. The only garlic I as a person will sell will be sampler assortments (2 bulbs each of 5 different kinds per pound) so people can try several different kinds without having to buy a whole pound of each.

Hope this helps.

Bob Anderson
Garlicmeister, a self-inflicted title for amusement only.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #7 by James K
Posted: April 19, 2010 at 09:55
How long will the Allison remain potent after the Garlic cloves are crushed and added to water.
Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #8 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 19, 2010 at 14:41
James K -

Good question.

The theoretical life of allicin in water is much longer than its practical life. By that I mean that in theory, allicin has an 18 sour half-life in air before it degrades down into polysulfides and loses its antibiotic properties; however, if placed in water after an initial steeping period in air of up to 90 minutes, the half-life of allicin in water extends to around 60 days.

Even though it has this great theoretical shelf life, garlic water is seldom used for more than 2-3 days because the longer it sets, the more intense the odor it emits.

As the crushed raw garlic sets in water it breaks down chemically into a number of odorous polysulfides and other things. One of those things is a compound called allyl mercaptan, which has a very foul odor that it emanates and it increases in quantity in the water continually as more is being formed. The result of this is that the garlic water is so stinky after a few days that there is an overwhelming urge to get rid of it, ASAP. It is no less antibiotic than it was when freshly made but the odor is so intense that it is difficult to be around it. Freezing the garlic water won't help as that would denature the allicin and it would lose its antibiotic properties.

For that reason it is best to make it in small batches that will be used up in a day or two.

The key to success is to make garlic water with good natural garlic and avoid using irradiated garlic as it has no health benefits. Fortunately, there is a way to tell if garlic has been irradiated (See post #4 above.)

Hope this helps.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #9 by James K
Posted: April 20, 2010
Thank You Bob, I got mrsa around two months ago with a large boil that had to be drained on my neck. I thought i was cured (knowing nothing about the bug) then to my horror It came back on my face.
It was much smaller and I got It drained early went back on Doxycycline and Levaquin again for two weeks. It has healed up now.
I'm really paranoid about getting more boils. I've been doing everything in my power to curb this. I gave up coffee, meat,anything acidic. No sugar. Been taking Silver sol and haven't had any more outbreaks. Every little bump freaks me out now.
Last night I started getting what looked like a small boil on my neck next to where the first one was. I took a shower, washed with hibicleans, sprayed it with silver biotics, and swabbed it with garlic water.(Non-irriatiaed of course). This morning when I woke up.
There was nothing there. I don't know if It was another boil coming out or not but it sure looked like it. I'd rathar smell like a whole busshel of garlic then have another boil.
Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #10 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 20, 2010 at 15:31
James K. -

Thanks for the feedback. Personally, I think it was the garlic because that's exactly how it, too.

When I made my discovery about how to use garlic I had a staph infection in my finger for 2-3 weeks while I tried to cure it by eating garlic - it didn't work and my finger swelled up to about the size of a Polish saugage or a Bratwurst. But when I put crushed raw garlic directly on the infection, it burned like fire for a minute but it stopped hurting and in 36 hours all the swelling went away and my finger was completely normal again and you could not tell there had ever been a problem. That's results!

That's why I am here on this forum preaching about garlic - it really works but only if you use it the right way. It works better than anything medical science has and it costs a lot less than any other therapy. Yeah, you smell like garlic for a little If it works, is it still weird?

Garlic lovers reek of good health - lol. Garlic makes you feel good after you eat it - literally. Have you ever noticed that when you encounter people with garlic breath, they're usually grinning?

Garlic also gives you energy, literally. In humans, energy is created at the cellular level when Adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) is converted into Adenosine Di-phosphate (ADP)upon interaction with the enzyme ATPase. This is a fact of biochemistry. Garlic contains large quantities of ATPase and on eating it, the consumer experiences greater energy and feels good and has a temporary enhanced sense of well-being. Eating it can make one feel good and perk up. Garlic breath never offends the one who has it - that one is usually grinning. And now you know the rest of the story.

No matter how good one feels eating garlic, it won't kill staph unless you get it to the site of the infection in whatever form the situation calls for.

Taking a long two hour soak in warm garlic water not only kills all MRSA on the skin and scalp, if you submerge your head occasionally, it also infuses into the body and continues to work its magic there. This puts a lot of ATPase in the body where it encounters ATP and converts it into ADP and gives you a little burst of energy and by the next day those little microbursts have built up to making the person feel better, have more energy and get up and go and just generally feeling great. At least that's how I felt for a week after my garlic bath. It doesn't work, though, unless people actually do it.

In my view, everyone who suffers from MRSA owes it to themselves and their loved ones to find out about garlic and try some of the things I talk about. Once people try it and discover that it really does work and is cheap, it becomes their best friend.

Google staph and garlic and see where it takes you and what you learn.

Good luck to you.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #11 by James K
Posted: April 21, 2010 at 02:46
This is great news. And I am convinced that there is validity to it.

I did Google Mrsa and Garlic and there is evidence that it works as you say.
I was just lucky enough to already have some non-irriatiaed garlic in the pantry after I read your thread. We bought it at the farmers market and It was sprouting so I knew it was good.

When that bump dissapeared overnight I thought It was a miracle.
I've never seen anything go away so fast.

When I went to the doctor yesterday he was miffed when I told him
what I was doing and how it worked.
He actually said "That's good to know"
One would think that doctors doing surgeries and cutting on people would try to become more educated on this. Especially since it's getting out of control right in front of their noses.

From my experience it seems that their egos are bigger than their quest for the truth.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #12 by James k
Posted: April 23, 2010 at 07:31
Question for Bob:
If you see a small red spot and are unsure if it is a new infection just beginning or not...
,but want to hit it with some fresh made garlic water just in case,
How many times would you swab the spot,and how often?

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #13 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 23, 2010 at 16:05
It's hard to say how many treatments might be necessary since there is no backlog of studies to draw upon and only a minimum of experience. My experience is limited in that I have only seen a few cases but in every one of them only one treatment was needed and rapid healing followed. This applied to direct application as well as garlic water applied to the infection site. Your experience would seem to imply that also.

In the USA the health care industry is pretty much dominated by the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry does not get paid to cure diseases, it gets paid to treat patients with as many expensive medications as possible and then sell patients expensive medications to treat the side-effects the other medications cause.
It is a very lucurative business.

Big pharma has known about garlic for decades but has chosen to ridicule it and those who use it and they have repeatedly declined to fund any meaningful research into it because they fear it would eat into their profits. And they are right.

Staph is a leading cause of death today and many thousands more suffer on in misery and at great expense while big pharma rakes in big profits. Business is good. If you have any extra money left over, you might consider investing in pharmaceuticals.

Don't get me wrong, big pharma does a lot of good things also and we need them and they are a necessary part of our lives but when it comes to MRSA, each of us owes it to ourselves to do the thing that is most beneficial for ourselves.

We need to knock that staph out as quickly as possible and for many situations crushed raw garlic or garlic water applied when the outbreak is fresh is the best way to do that. Deep infections are much more difficult.

In time, big pharma will develop garlic-based pharmaceuticals but not until GMO garlics that are patentable lifeforms are developed so that a given company can be the sole possessor of these franken-garlics and charge as much as they want to for those super-garlic pills or injectables or whatever form they take. Different companies will have different Franken-garlics with different super-properties that they will use to develop medications of different kinds to treat different diseases.

I wonder how they are going to engineer in the side effects that will require other medications to offset and thus maintain the integrity of their profit structure?

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #14 by James K
Posted: April 24, 2010
At this moment I can't thank you enough for this valuable information.
Yesterday It started happening again. I was out on a job
(I'm a Journeyman)and when I got home I had 3 new spots starting up.
I got all worried and nervous but I washed up, made up a new batch of non-irriatiated garlic water and started swabbing. 24 hours later the new spots are barely noticable.
I am convinced that if I had not done this, they would be going to the infected stage by now.
People in order for this to work you have to apply it directly to the lesions.
Try to catch it as early as possible and you will be stunned at how quick it starts working.
I am not selling anything here. And I'm just an ordinary guy.
This is working for me.
God Bless you Bob.
Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #15 by james k
Posted: April 24, 2010 at 05:27
Question for Bob again,
Hi bob, what is your thoughts on allimed?
Is CRG just as good?

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #16 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 24, 2010 at 15:00
Allimed is probably a pretty good garlic pill but as with all garlic, raw, pill, oil or whatever, eating it does not solve the problem of MRSA - only applying it directly to the site of the infection works. Eating garlic is useless for fighting staph, only applying it to the site of the infection is effective.

I did notice that Allimed has a 4 OZ. bottle of their liquid available for $155. Rather expensive but if it is what they say it is then applying that liquid directly to the site of an outbreak should work. Drinking it will not.

Allimed is likely very good at all the things that garlic does for the immune system and general health, including preventing blood clots, lowering BP, total cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. but taking it in oral form does not inhibit MRSA in the body; if it did, nobody taking allimed would ever have any outbreaks and they do. Only bringing allicin, including fumes, into direct contact with the MRSA bacteria works.

It's a whole new way of thinking about MRSA and how to combat it.

James -

I'm glad you're getting the same kind of results I enjoyed and have seen a few others also get similar relief. Treating the site of the outbreaks with garlic water obviously works. I'm thinking that if you soaked for a couple of hours in a garlic water bath that maybe the boils would be prevented from even arising.

Good luck to you.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #17 by ladyk
Posted: April 24, 2010 at 15:56

James K. -

Please honor forum guidelines in not discussing products. If compelled to do so, you are invited to discuss it on the Product Forum, or off board. In the past this forum has been inundated with hard sell sales individuals pushing this particular product onto our pool of seriously ill people. It has not gone unnoticed that you mentioned [Post #14 - “I am not selling anything here.”] and your focus thus far is discussion directed toward Bob alone. If… this is a ramping up sales tactic to promote sales of this particular product, I assure you this will not happen here.

I appreciate your understanding concerning this matter, and welcome your conversation with Bob - but this will not result in an advertisement platform for independent sales associates pushing their product for profit, as this is not the intention of this forum.

Forum Administration

PS I’m glad you have found relief from Bob’s suggestions.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #18 by james k
Posted: April 24, 2010 at 17:21
Lady K. No I'm not ramping up to sell anything. I'm simply trying to get to the bottom of the truth.

If there was something superior to Plain old garlic I want to know about it. Sorry that I brought up a perticular product. I was only interested in it because it contains a component found in raw garlic ,allicin,that kills staph... Namely the dreaded MRSA.

Contrarily, I am going to stick with the plain old GARLIC because that's what is working for me.

I don't want to detract from the point at hand which is fighting MRSA.

I am happy to report 24 hours later that my new lesions that started up two days ago have almost completely dissapeared this morning!
And using only Crushed Raw Non-irritated GARLIC!

THat's the truth.

I would also like to say that since this has been brought to light
I now feel like I have a real fighting chance in combating MRSA.
MY stress level over this has dropped tremendously and I slept soundly last night for the first time in days.

So once again I am only advocating CRG (crushed raw garlic).
Made by GOD... not any man.

Re: Garlic with Bob Anderson
Reply #19 by ladyk
Posted: April 24, 2010 at 19:00

james k. -

Thank you for your understanding concerning this matter.

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