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MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Started by Meghan
Posted: December 23, 2009 at 11:40
My mother had experienced a large lump in her groin several months ago and after 2 weeks of being extremely ill, I practically drug her to the E.R. and found out she had an abscess in her groin in or around the lymph node. She also has had severe Psoriasis for almost 13 yrs and had a hip replacement in January of 2008. The MRSA site, her groin/lymph node is on the same side as her hip replacement. Our problem is that after her 8 day hospital stay nearly 3 months ago, and thought to have treated the MRSA, she is back in the hospital again, and having almost identical problems. Last time, they had removed part of the lymph node and drained the abscess. This time, they simply drained the area, cut the area open, and stuffed it with gauze, leaving the wound open in hopes to let it heal on it's own and seep out anything inside in the process.
My question is...has anyone ever heard of psoriasis causing such an abscess in a lymph node? The Dr.'s are unsure what is causing it, but it seems to me that they are trying to blame the Psoriasis, rather than truly figure it out. I am curious if anyone has ever had a similar experience, and how they are now and what has been done to treat it. She gets very weak and ill and her Psoriasis flares up extremely when this all takes it toll. I am really worried that she is not being properly diagnosed as they Dr.'s admit they are puzzled at everything. Please let me know if you or anyone you know have had anything similar to my mothers situation. Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays. (She will not be home for Christmas so this is really difficult for my entire family) -Meghan ( )
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #1 by Shelly B.
Posted: December 23, 2009 at 20:47
My sister has suffered from severe Psoriasis her whole life. If memory serves me correctly, it has been found to be an auto-immune issue. It is not surpising then that your Mother has flare-ups during times of illness (MRSA would certainly open her immune system up to being "attacked" by Psoriasis). Stress can also cause flare-ups - and being hospitalized is definately stressful. I have not done any research on a link between Psoriasis and MRSA, but I would venture the opinion that they are not directly related (ie: one is not causing the other), but rather that they are both opportunistic health issues that will attack the body when the immune system is depressed. Getting the MRSA treated successfully will likely show a reduction in her Psoriasis - be sure to watch any spots on her skin too as she may be open to MRSA infections externally due to the irritation from Psoriasis.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #2 by ruth
Posted: December 23, 2009 at 22:17
Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. People with psoriasis are predisposed to
lymphoma. Drugs used to treat severe psoriasis such as methotrexate, Neoral, and
Sandimmune suppress the immune system and thus increase the risk of infections like

People with psoriasis, lymphoma and MRSA all have low selenium which means a low
glutathione-based antioxidant defense system. Selenium, vitamin E, D and C, B
complex, NAC-cysteine, glutamine, glycine, multi vitamin will help restore glutathione.

Autoimmune diseases result in chronic inflammation. MRSA thrives in a chronic
inflammation state. Salmon oil, evening primrose oil, DHEA help modulate

Some people need to be on antibiotics for a year or more to get MRSA under control.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #3 by postman
Posted: December 24, 2009 at 02:26
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #4 by Jennfer
Posted: November 10, 2010

I have had psoriasis since I was young. Nothing realy that bad and I was able to control it to some extent with just topical meds and sun. A few years ago I had a place on my stomach that turned out to be staff and was taken care of with antibiotics and I forgot about it. Then a few months later a little spot right below my knee deveoloped and I was put in the hospital with MRSA and had to have it surgicaly removed. I had it cut out and had to undergo weeks of intravenous antibiotics to get it out of my system. Now it's been two years and a place came up under my right arpit, then another and now there are about five of them under the skin and I am putting drawing salve to keep it draining , and on extremely high doses of antibiotics and using an topical antibiotic to try to keep from having surgery again. (fingers crossed). Just like your mother they dont know why I keep getting MSRA. I also developed psoriatic arthritus since I had MSRA the first time and have deformed fingers now from it (not yet 40 either). The only reason I came upon your topic is because I have noticed that people with psoriasis have an abundance of asylic acid in their system. Then when I looked up MSRA I learned that it is the asylic acid in MSRA that destroys the tissue and that is resistant to the antibiotics. I was just wondering if their was some kind of a link between the two of them, and now hearing that your mother has had something similar to my experience I am even more eager to find out the answer. Also I agree that the meds for psorasis lowers you immune system, I am only recently starting them and were not on them when the MSRA came on the first time nor this time, so I dont think that will cause it to flare up but I could be wront. I will let you know something that seems to help and may keep her from the hospital and surgery. Any time that she has something like a small pimple or bump comes up she she should have her Dr prescribe to her (and keep on hand) a topical antibiotic called ALTABAX and have a prescription for Augmetin. There is also a drawing salve called PRID that is found at most pharmacy's, just apply some to an big band-aid and put on over night and it will help to draw that infection out faster. Also heat help to release it, soaking the area with hot water or applying a hot wet compress will do. I know what she is going through it is very painful and you just feel ucky, like you've got "cooties", lol. She cannot be to careful with cleaning up and needs also to apply the ALTABAX to the inside of her nostrals where most of the time staff hides. Hope this helps a little and good luck to her. Jennifer.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #5 by MAry
Posted: September 6, 2012 at 23:04
My friend has terrible open wounds under her breast area, she happened ot show me one day,and it grossed me out, there was also a terrible smell. I think it is MRSa, and she has had that before on her back, and her daughter has been in the hospital for 3 mos. with it.
I am frightened about this, wht can I do. I am planning to go out of town with her, but so afraid I will catch something from her.

She does not regularly shower either, does sink type bathing, which I have told her does not work as well as standing in a shower under running water.

How do I approach this without hurting her feeling, but being safe for me?
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #6 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 7, 2012 at 16:42
Mary -

Go back to the topics page and do a search for garlic water baths and see if you find anything of interest.

Garlic water made from non-irradiated crushed raw garlic kills MRSA on contact and soaks into the skin and kills MRSA inside the body. What is best, though is that MRSA cannot become resistant to it because it kills in a more direct way than antibiotics.

Non-irradiated garlic is the kind of garlic that is locally grown and you can get it at local farmers markets. Most garlic in supermarkets has been irradiated and has few, if any, health benefits.

People have to decide for themselves about using garlic water therapy because their doctors are not allowed to recommend it although they are allowed to recommend bleach baths.

many people have reported success using garlic water therapy in the garlic success stories thread. Some others have reported that it didn't help them for different reasons.

Learn all you can about about your disease and the various therapies available and decide for yourself from a more knowledgeable perspective what really is best for you.

Good luck to you.

Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #7 by Jordan
Posted: September 8, 2012 at 04:29
The connection between psoriasis and MRSA is that psoriasis compromises your skin, leaving lots of openings at risk for MRSA to infect. Your skin is armor. Openings are subject to attack.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #8 by Mary
Posted: February 22, 2013 at 20:18
You all may think I'm crazy but I inadvertantly found a treatment for my MRSA, and even though I didn't know I had Psoriasis I found it also helps in this as well. I have no information on the link between the two diseases, but I do know I have been around the block more than once trying to find a treatment, cure, reason or true cause for these and I honestly want people to know this has saved my life in several ways...
After my initial diagnosis of MRSA my husband was trying to find ways to boos my spirit and get me going again, I had all but given up. He convinced me to try SCUBA diving with him and I fell in love with it! I've never been so at peace as to be under the water with just the sound of my bubbles and to see all that underwater world has to show. Any way, we live in a "cold" water climate but that didn't stop me I really love diving and will go anywhere that is fairly clear water. The dive shop we go to fills your cylinder with NITROX, a nitrogen enriched oxygen to breathe on while diving. When I first started diving I had 3 more outbreaks of MRSA and thought I might die, I had to stop diving during these times due to the open wounds and hated it. As soon as they closed I would go again and we found a diving club one state away from us and we started diving A LOT!! Like, every weekend both Saturday and Sunday! I started to notice after awhile I wasn't seeing any signs of MRSA and started to wonder, not wanting others to know I asked questions very carefully and did research on my own. I found that NITROX is the same mixture that's used in Hyperbarric Chambers to treat deep tissue injuries and burn victims. It stimulates cell repair and pushes toxins out of your body. During one of my check ups my Doc, sees something on my scalp and asks me a whole bunch of questions and comes to the conclusion I also have Psorisis!! But he can't figure why I've NEVER had any trouble with it, especially since it didn't develop until my struggle with MRSA...he does believe them to be linked somehow. I told him about diving and the gas I breathe and he looked at me as if I'd just givin him the key to Ft Knox! He immediately started research himself and has since decided to try and treat all his MRSA patients with the same gas. We have started our own little study to see if my therory of the gas being the cure may be true and so far so good. It's been 2 1/2 years since my last out break of MRSA and I still have no issues with the small patch of psorisis on my scalp.
It's the NITROX that saved me but the therapy of diving that healed me. Please if you get the chance get on NITROX!!
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 23, 2013 at 05:00
If it works, use it.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #10 by chez 747 8887392
Posted: June 25, 2014
quamtum phys has everything to do with all illnesses, broad statemant?
but it's the absolute truth,100 trillion cells compose the complete
human body, & each cell has 3billion genetic codes, even though the
current med science claims they have MAPPED the DNA, no one has
completly figured out all of the billions of chemical & element
reactions that keep any of us alive for our life spans. DIET IS PART
come down with Psoriasis & other skin problems, you have to remember
we also are all born with at least 6 to 7 genetic deficts, & that also
contributes to many disorders.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #11 by Dr. Halasya Ramanathan
Posted: December 24, 2015 at 10:13
I found by my personal experience that psoriasis outbreak whether linked
genetically, outbreaks by any infection since the immune system goes
overbound. Skin infections of MRSA can be treated with acidified nitrite
and it is worthless to pharma companies since the trials and
certifications cost more money than return. How a citric acid and sodium
nitrite in the cold gives nitrous acid and later on standing to NO or
citric oxide tells that the cell walls of the bacteria has amino-glycans
more extensive than human cells. Acidified nitrates are dangerous orally
since it lowers blood pressure instantly. I am not going into the
chemistry of it. MRSA infection is getting rampant and epidemic.
Metronitrozole which is cheep anorobic antibiotic is my choice of oral
usage and especially so if osteomylitis is also involved which requires
a test. Our antibiotics have to evolve with bacteria and acidified
nitrate for the skin is very good but for the coloration though it
disappears is a definite plus. The attack from nitrous acid or even
sodium nitrite used in meat industry is well known. I am on the web and
can argue with me scientifically at ramhalasya at Gmail.
Serve Jane sukhino bhavantu without diseases and epidemics.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #12 by jenni
Posted: July 4, 2016 at 21:49
My best friend has been diagnosed with mrsa. I
thought it was just a boil so I tried to Lance
it. I have severe phoriasis that when at its
worst covers 70% of my body. I take stalara
injections that breaks down my immune system.
Should I be concerned. What should I do. If
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #13 by Carissa
Posted: November 28, 2016 at 12:34
My boyfriend has psoriasis; recently has a bad break out all over the body. I
ended up getting two boils that are MRSA positive, is it possible to have the link
with the two ? I've never had an issue with my skin till now.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #14 by Bob Anderson
Posted: November 29, 2016 at 23:56
For dealing with MRSA, please see my posts in this forum.
Good luck to you.
Re: MRSA linked to Psoriasis
Reply #15 by sarah
Posted: April 13, 2017 at 03:04
Can you work with someone who has mrsa if you have psoriasis??
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