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bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Started by Brandt
Posted: October 28, 2009 at 01:58
I had severe impetigo on my face caused by MRSA. The only antibiotics
that worked were Vancomysin and Zyvox. I ended the Zyvox last week and
now I have a cyst on my Labia. My doctor told me it wasn't related to
the MRSA and said it may be a bartholin cyst. I think it IS related to
the MRSA. I have never been sexually active or had any sort of gyno
problems before. Could you offer some advice? I don't want to brush it
off if it may get worse.
Re: bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Reply #1 by Laurie
Posted: October 28, 2009 at 20:27
Hi Brandt and sorry to hear that.

I had a cyst on my back (very painful) and I'm not positive but I think it was a sebaceous cyst/abscess that had mrsa in it or when the culture was done it showed signs of mrsa, etc.. But at any rate - I was treated with Clindamycin, Bactroban 2% nasal ointment and Septra.

I've read of Vancomysin tons of times for treating mrsa.

I would personally get a second opinion or see an Infectious Disease Specialist just to be sure.

I actually have to be "referred" so unless I get new insurance it's too late. The ID dr. is only in on Wed and the whole team is like that and the one I wanted is only on Wed. and my ins. runs out this weekend so. :(

But I have applied to another place so fingers crossed. :)

Good luck Brandt and I would not take that lightly. In the meantime, I would take a bath (hot compresses), keep it clean (Hibiclens if you have any - it's a wash and walmart now has it but you may have to ask the pharmacy for it if they're out) and pray. :)

Re: bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Reply #2 by Brandt
Posted: October 30, 2009 at 23:11
Thanks for the replies! I have been applying Hibiclens to the area
being careful to keep it outside the vagina and the cyst as reduced in
size, thanks goodness!

LadyK, my age is 26. The impetigo is under control now. I'm changing
my sheets everday and sanitizing everything I use daily. I'm using
Bactroban up the nose and altabax on the face where the impetigo was
twice daily the first two weeks of every month for the next 6 months.
I think it is under control. How do I know if it is ever gone?

My face and skin has been super sensitive since I stopped using the
Zyvox. I get red dots in blotches on my face and hands. It is very
sensitive and I cannot use any product on it. Then it will be
perfectly fine. The symptoms come and go. Could this be a reaction to
the Zyvox or the MRSA?

Thank you again for replying! It is hard to ask advice to a nurse at
my doctors office who has not gone through this before. They give me
the basics but nothing specific so this forum is great!!!

Re: bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Reply #3 by ladyk
Posted: November 2, 2009 at 16:26
Hi Brandt -

Applying Hibiclens? You’re lathering and rinsing Hibiclens off in shower... yes? Note: DO NOT GET HIBICLENS IN EYES OR EARS.

Have you contacted ordering physician concerning 'super sensitive' face and skin and blotches on face and hands?

In my opinion I do not believe using Bactroban and Altabax every day for '1st two weeks of every month' is something an Infectious Disease specialist would order... due to resistance factor. Again, I believe you would do best to seek professional whose job revolves around infectious diseases on a regular basis for best results. With any serious situation it is always best to seek second opinion.

Brandt, you should feel comfortable enough with physician's nurse to ask any question, as she/he is just another pair of eyes and ears for physician - a good ally to have.

I'm so glad to hear 'cyst' has reduced in size! Keep doing what you are doing with this and do not let anyone attempt to cut it out unless they can prove via diagnostics that it is what they are calling it. A CT scan/MRI will reveal, and should be requested and utilized before surgical removal, rather than going in blindly or on a hunch.

In my experience a similar situation went from 'Bartholin cyst' to 'tumor' in a one hour time frame of cutting on an ER table, then another hour cutting by GYN specialist attempting to get tumor out. At the end I was advised to get ready for OR where 'it' would be removed. I refused.

It was neither cyst, nor tumor. It was MRSA!

It is satisfaction enough for me to know you haven't been unnecessarily cut into, which created very difficult life threatening situations.

You can ask anything here, we'll do our best to help.

Best to you Brandt~
Re: bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Reply #4 by Brandt
Posted: November 6, 2009 at 12:03
LadyK and Laurie, you are awesome. Thank you so much for your
replies! I did wash the hibclens off but I applied it on the outside
of my labia for the cyst to go away. I stopped doing that once it
went away. I shaved this past Monday and my legs broke out in red
bumps. I NEVER get red bumps after shaving, EVER. So it had to be the
MRSA. I put hibiclens all over my legs for 3 days in the morning and
it went away. However, the growth in my nose is coming back since I
stopped using the altabax and bactroban in my nose last week. I
immediately started using it again and the growth is subsiding however
when I stop, I know it will return. I need to get back to my doctor
but I'm not sure if he will believe it is returning unless I get it to
a point where you can see it.

I don't go to an infectious disease doctor but I should. I go to a
specialized dermatologist who saw me in the hospital. He is the only
once who would treat me for MRSA since my tests came back negative. I
went to 2 other doctors who would not treat me for MRSA. They told me
to go to the dermatologist since it was impetigo. Also, since my
tests were negative, they wouldn't give me bactroban or zyvox even
though clyndamycin and bactrim didn't work. ???? So confusing. I'm
not sure which doctor to see.

I'm going to try some natural remedies. I've read a lot about garlic,
coconut oil, turmeric, oregano oil, and goldenseal root. I'm just so
confused on how to take them. Raw garlic for sure - not the pills
applied raw, crushed and mixed wit organic virgin coconut oil
topically. I'm going to eat raw crushed garlic too. As far as the
other remedies, I'm still researching but any advise would be helpful!
I know I cannot use antibiotics for a lifetime so I need something
natural that I can do.

Re: bartholin cyst caused by MRSA?
Reply #5 by Marie
Posted: September 16, 2016 at 17:44
Could outer labia lump be related to MRSA?
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