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After effects of MRSA
Started by Wanda
Posted: September 25, 2009 at 05:14
I was diagnosed with MRSA about a year and a half ago. I contracted it while having a simple hernia surgery. I started having drainage from the surgery site and ended up in the emergency room. The docotors told us if we would have waited 24hrs later I would have died. I was in the hospital for 10dys.I was put on IV's and had two diffrent antibiotics pumped through me every 1/2 hour. I had to go in and have the wound packed until it healed from the inside out.The MRSA erupted inside and out leaving a great deal of damage. I now have an entrapped nerve as well. I am always tired,have no stamina,joint pain,headaches and feel horrible all the time. I have never had health problems before. The surgery site for the hernia had a mesh put in and that has never been removed. I am wondering if I should be concerned about this? I am the mother of two teenage kids and a 4yr old. I feel terrible because I have been so sick. I am not the mom I used to be. I have taken FMLA from work and do not know that I will be able to go back if things don't change. Is this normal? Do I need to have the mesh removed? Should this even be a concern? I am so scared and tired of this battle. My family keeps me going though. Is there any documented effect of life after MRSA. I wonder if it is just me? I pray for all of the MRSA victims. This is horrible. I become ill more often than I used to and am constantly feeling fear of becoming infected with something. My open sores are taking longer to heal and I have pimple type outbreaks every few weeks around my surgery site, although they go away. Any advice on this? I need all of the help I can get because this is something that has changed my life completly.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #1 by ladyk
Posted: September 26, 2009 at 16:30
Wanda -

Do you have an Infectious Disease physician on your team? Can I assume at this time all outer areas of surgical wound are healed? What topical and internal care protocol are you following since diagnosed MRSA positive? Are you monitoring your temps? What meds are you currently ingesting?

The mesh is meant to remain indefinitely under normal non infection circumstances... the mesh and formation of scar tissue holds hernia.

I'm of the opinion surgical site (mesh) should be explored to rule out infection. This can be accomplished via MRI or CT Scan (sometimes ultrasound is used but is less effective in my opinion) which can pick up pockets of infection as well as trails. You might speak with your physician (one who has followed you throughout your ordeal) and request a look. Utilizing diagnostic tools can also observe mesh to see if scar tissue has done its job in webbing mesh over hernia appropriately.

You wrote
[“Is there any documented effect of life after MRSA.”]
There is grand debate in the field concerning dormancy vs cure. That aside… yes, there are volumes of real life experiences document right here on forum from those who have learned to control MRSA once infected. I suggest you become knowledgeable about your affliction which will afford you best control in managing MRSA so you can regain a bit of normalcy back in your life.

[“I become ill more often than I used to and am constantly feeling fear of becoming infected with something.”] Please read up on immune support supplementation. Your immune system has taken a grand bacterial blow, as well antibiotic therapy can be just as depleting - creating system imbalance.

On a personal note... sometimes kids are smarter than we think, learning the give and take of caring for each other (especially child to parent), can be a priceless lesson. Never lose sight that they are kids though.

MRSA is a pathogenic (disease causing) human contagion, meaning drainage from lesions/wounds can infect other sites about your body as well as others. Please become familiar with cross contamination, decolonization of nares/skin/wound site, wound care/dressing/linen precautions, topical & internal care protocols/immune support, decontamination of home environment.

[“My open sores are taking longer to heal and I have pimple type outbreaks every few weeks around my surgery site, although they go away.”]
I’d suggest you attempt to decolonize. Are you using Hibiclens in shower daily during ‘outbreak’, reduce to 3x weekly there after as maintenance. This will reduce bacteria over load. Those of us who attempt to decolonize accomplish this by swirling Bactroban prescription or (OTC) equivalent Bacitracin antibiotic oint in nares 2x daily x5 days – stop. Do not overuse products as this can render them ineffective due to resistant factor, as well as creating system imbalance which can set you up for more complications.

Let me know if I can help you further

Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #2 by Wanda
Posted: September 27, 2009 at 04:28

The surigcal site is closed and healed although still very sore. I do not have an infectious disease doctor. No one has ever even suggested it. I see a pain management specialist and my family P.A. I will look for another doctor who does specialize in and infectious diseases. I take Hydrocodone for the pain and an anitdepressent. That is all. Everyone keeps telling me that they just think it is the entrapped nerve. They have not tested me since I was taken off of antibioctis a couple of months out of the hospital. I keep telling them that I can feel something is not right but so far they seem to think it is only my nerve and my body trying to heal. I had an explortory surgery done to investigate the amount of scar tissue and that surgeon stated that he did not even find any of the mesh at all. He removed some scar tissue but assured me it was indeed an entrapped nerve. No doctor has told me to use any cream during the outbreaks. I thank you for your knowledge and support. I will do the research to better educate myself on MRSA. I realize that there have been many forums written on this subject I was just wondering if there was any "text book medical" information out there. I will continue to read these forums and keep updated on all of the newest information I can find. Again I would like to thank you for your assistance and willingness to help.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #3 by ruth
Posted: September 27, 2009 at 05:39
Bactrim and doxycycline together for over a year cleared up most everything for me. No
pain, fatigue, sores almost all gone.

I worked on my immune system. Not trans fats or sodas.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #4 by Nancy R
Posted: September 28, 2009 at 23:28

Are you certain that your MRSA is gone? MRSA loves to live on surgical implants and materials. I had to have a brand new hip prosthetic removed to finally get my MRSA infection under control. No matter how many courses of meds I received, it kept coming back,each time more virulent than the last. You need to have an ID and let them run appropriate tests to rule out MRSA. Good luck.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #5 by Lois
Posted: October 31, 2009 at 03:46

I understand what you are going through. I got my MRSA November 24, 2008 from an oophorectomy and still have after effects going on. One is anemia that I am taking iron for. It gets up to an almost normal 11, only to drop quickly to an 8 again. My stamina lasts only about a half day. I get very fatigued. And when I get so.......fatigued I start having memory problems. Sometimes I think it's more from the 12 weeks of vancomycin than the MRSA, but I have no idea. I'm going to research some of those medical MRSA testbooks ladyk wrote about. I, too, wonder if I will ever be able to work full time again. Keep hanging in there. I know it's difficult, but you have lots of support. My Best, Lois
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #6 by NCP
Posted: February 16, 2010 at 01:00
I contracted MRSA in my wound after a back went into my blood stream, and I would have died had I not suddenly felt the need to rush to the ER. Vanco, and several other meds did nothing for me. Finally Cubicin had to be injected through a pick line by a nurse for several months before I was deemed cured. However today, I am easily tired and it takes me much longer to recover, even if I just have a cold. But I also break out in a rash that spreads over my whole body that is very painful and itchy. Has anyone else experienced this? My hands also swell up and hurt and my joints hurt. Any feedback is appreciated.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #7 by Lois
Posted: February 17, 2010 at 02:31
Your symptoms could be related to many diseases. What does your primary say about symptoms?

I, too, had MRSA in my blood stream. Not fun. Mine settled in my spine and ate everything out between the L3 & L4 discs. I have fatigue problems but it is getting better with immune support I believe.

Have you done anything to improve your immune system?

ladyk can be of more help, I'm sure.

Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #8 by Tana
Posted: February 17, 2010 at 03:53
NCP,Wow,I was on Cubicin IV and developed a rash that was beyond terrible all over my bumm.I was in so much torment I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus.After going to numerous specialist and getting no answers I went to a Dermatoligist that my daughter works for and he to was puzzled and concerned after trying many meds.He did not quit,he did a biopsy and culture and said I had dermatitis and gave me Luxiq foam and Pramasone and it finally went away.It flares up if I do not use it for awhile.It was so bad for 5 months,I could not sleep and it was red,raw,and itchy.I had never had anything like that until I was on Cubicin.Joint pain and fatigue a problem still but getting a little better,Please take Silver and allicin if nothing else.Good luck to you
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #9 by Nancy R.
Posted: February 19, 2010 at 13:44
I had excellent results with Cubicin (Daptomycin). In combination with Bactrim, it was the combination that ultimately saved my life. I think you simply had an allergic reaction to Cubicin. I can't take Vancomycin. Each of us are unique with our own set of problems. The antibiotic that really did the most damage to me was Zyvox. It wiped out my immune system.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #10 by ladyk
Posted: February 19, 2010 at 14:09

I agree with Nancy.

It would be important to know how long after use of Vanco/Cubicin you experience 'rash that spreads over whole body' as hypersensitivity reactions are not uncommon. One consideration would be ‘vancomycin-induced red-man syndrome’ which is side effect of Vanco ingestion. Another consideration is Cubicin side effects since duration of ingestion was extended with this particular antibiotic therapy.

Here is a link you may find interesting concerning Cubicin which may cause skin conditions in 4.3% to 6.7% of people.

Best not to delay being seen in such cases, as reactions can take serious turn and do so rather rapidly.

Grand fatigue is experienced by many who contract MRSA as you can see throughout forum. One way to combat this fatigue is to work on building your immune system to optimal health.

Best wishes,

Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #11 by caringaj
Posted: February 19, 2010 at 15:28
I would get checked out by my doctor and have extensive blood work done. 7 weeks after my second bout with MRSA (8 DAYS IN HOSPITAL & SURGERY TO LANCE THE BOIL) I wound calling an ambulance and was admitted with severe toxic Hepatitis and severe toxic Lupus. I was in the hospital for almost 5 weeks and after CAT Scans, and many, many other tests my doctors determined it was all drug induced caused by the Vanco and Rifampin they gave me for the MRSA. Everyone has different problems and different symptoms.

Hope you start feeling better
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #12 by Josie
Posted: February 24, 2010 at 04:25
I am a 62 year old female that had some mesh removed vaginally and got HA-MRSA. Exactly 10 days after the surgery, I was in pain and went to the emergency room. I underwent surgery to remove the mrsa from my abdominal area. I also had sepsis and was very ill. After a four day stay in the hospital and being sent home with antibiotics, I am told I am okay. It has been 2 1/2 months and I am still very lethargic. When I tried to see an internal disease doctor for follow up, I was told over the phone I am fine, no current symptoms and to call my primary care doc. I feel I am very paranoid and feel I need care for follow up. Am I being over sensitive?
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #13 by Josie
Posted: February 24, 2010 at 13:09
What I would suggest is that you start taking your temperature 3 times a day. Take it the same times each day. When infections are active, you will normally see rises in temperature.

I knew when my MRSA returned each time when my temperature starting going nuts. There were mornings that my temps would be around 95.0! By 7 PM, my temp would soar to 100. That's a huge jump. Prior to my MRSA, my normal body temp was 96.8. It has always been on the low end of normal. Very low body temps are just as bad as higher temperatures. When I first started noticing really low temps, I actually double checked with 2 separate thermometers.

If you see variations such as these and still feel unwell, you are likely sick. Find ANOTHER doctor if you need to. Demand blood tests to look for elevated white counts and have the sed rate checked. The blood work often tells the tale.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #14 by ladyk
Posted: February 24, 2010 at 16:25
Josie -

I’m sorry you’re feeling lousy. Many of us on forum have been where you are, and are willing to help you along as much as possible.

In my opinion if you do not have an 'Infectious Disease specialist' on your team, you need one directly! If you are in need of referral but can not get one from your PCP - seek another PCP. Be your own best advocate by becoming as knowledgeable as possible about your affliction. Reading through the forum topics will bring questions to your mind. Research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your quality of life we’re speaking of here.

In your post you wrote of experiencing symptom… lethargy. Malaise. If indeed you experienced bacterial sepsis, your system has suffered a serious bacterial blow. For one to say over the phone “you're fine” when seeking referral… is that side of negligence, especially concerning patient who recently was hospitalized with sepsis.

Below is a link concerning sepsis…

Please also consider reading as much information on immune support as you can, as it is this which has brought many of us back to our feet to enjoy a bit of normalcy in our lives once MRSA infected.

Let us know if we can help you, you’re not alone Josie.

Best wishes,

PS By all means do as Nancy advised in post #13... check your temps. and get blood work done.
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #15 by DeterminedOne
Posted: September 10, 2010 at 14:06
My husband has undergone scrotal surgery to remove dead tissue caused by MRSA. They removed approximately 1/3 of his scrotal tissue, went home with open wound & some deteriating penis skin. that has been a week ago. He is in a great deal of pain. Docs put him on oxycodone which worked in the beginning, but now now. His testicles & scrotal sac remain swollen with edema.

I need help...

What can anyone suggest as far as pain management?

Does anyone have suggestions concerning speeding the healing process?

What can we do to speed the release of the edema fluid by the testicles & scrotal tissue?

Our doc says it will just take time, but we are (now, with him not working & my being home to care for him) low income & no insurance.

WE NEED HELP! Anyone, Please!
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #16 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 10, 2010 at 14:18
I am sorry to hear of your husband's problems and I applaud your trying to help him.

Read the threads in this forum on crushed raw non-irradiated garlic and garlic water, both of which kill MRSA on contact. Maybe learning about how garlic works will give you an idea about ways to use long soaks in a garlic water bath to relieve some of his symptoms.

Garlic is a cheap but effective way to kill staph and promote healing of wounds. Read the garlic posts in this forum and learn how to tell irradiated garlic, which has no health benefits, from natural garlic which is the most powerful antibiotic in nature.

Educated patients make better decisions.

Good luck to you.

Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #17 by Whitney A
Posted: September 10, 2010 at 18:25
I had a sudden outbreak of MRSA in September of 2008 at the age of 19, resulting in the removal of about a softball size portion of my theigh and a week long hospitalization.

Like many of you, I was never sick before the MRSA. Since then, I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency), had severe fatigue, rashes, tingling in my extremities, and a wide variety of other symptoms. I've been to many doctors and had countless tests, but nobody has been able to provide me with any answers. I always bring up the fact that my problems didn't start till after the MRSA, but they always tend to disregard it.

I honestly believe my current symptoms can all be traced back to my MRSA, and seeing that other people have similar stories really validates this. But its so frustrating that there really isn't anybody out there to help us!!
Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #18 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 10, 2010 at 20:56
Whitney -

I'm not sure how much an occasional long soak in a tub or garlic water would help you but I am sure that it wouldn't hurt you - unless you're allergic to garlic, in which case you shouldn't touch it.

As unlikely as it might seem, crushed raw garlic kills MRSA on contact and you might consider reading as much as you can about how it works and decide for yourself whether to try to use it or not. This forum is probably the best place on the internet to learn about how it works.

Learn all you can; an educated patient makes better decisions.

Re: After effects of MRSA
Reply #19 by ladyk
Posted: September 11, 2010 at 18:40
DeterminedOne -

Please elaborate on whether ‘initial’ issue was a result of MRSA infection, or was there a pre-existing problem? What antibiotic(s) has he ingested since onset? Is he currently ingesting an antibiotic?

Has he been seen by an Infectious Disease specialist?

It is imperative to obtain control of topical infection. What topical care regimen is he following?

Are you informed on cross contamination? MRSA is a pathogenic contagion capable of spreading to other sites about his body, and others as well. Precautions are imperative! Environmental control of bacteria is necessary.

*Is wound still open?

Icing scrotal tissue will provide some pain relief and promote edema absorption.

Ramping up immune support will assist system to function optimally in doing its preprogrammed biological job of ridding system invaders, and assist in bringing back a bit of normalcy to his life. *There is no quick fix for those of us with MRSA positive history, but with diligent effort and maintenance one can control bacteria and its effect on us as human host.

List meds/supplements he routinely ingests, and any pre-existing compromising health issues he may have. Age?

Get back to me when time permits with answers, I’m here to help as much as possible.


PS I’m sorry your husband/you are experiencing MRSA. Being ‘determined’ is the perfect frame of mind which will lead toward tolerable resolve. Becoming knowledgeable about affliction will assist you best.

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