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Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Started by Tana
Posted: August 8, 2009 at 18:39
Please help with this. I am getting more confused with being on antibiotics than ever.I was just reading what I should not be eating while taking Zyvox and it says not to have yogurt or acidophilus and I have been downing yogurt everyday along with probiotics.I thought when you take antibiotics you should have these in your systems to help with good bacteria build up.I am on Zyvox now and have been experiencing slight sharp pains in lower to mid abdominal right side and waiting for IDC to call me about this.And is it true MRSA loves protein and thrives in it?What am I suppose to eat?I eat veggies and eggs everyday.IDC just called and told me to go to a Urgent Care facility.LOL same crap everytime.Doctors are worthless.Someone replied to my last post and said it could be worse.I am on one of two drugs that I can take Zyvox,the other is IV cubicin, both I cannot afford.I have lost 25 lbs and can barely function.Surgeries, lancing of lesions, drugs that feel like I'm being poisoned,no immune system.I guess the worse would be death.I'm ready
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #1 by Tana
Posted: August 9, 2009 at 02:19
Thanks for helping Ladyk.Zyvox is expensive med $1,726.00 for 20 pills thank God my insurance pays for most of it.Its the only thing I can take besides IV Cubicin which I cannot afford anymore.I get confused when one Doc says one thing and another something else.I am getting another education through this ordeal.Doc told be to bathe in a bath with a cup of bleach,bleach is toxic I beleive and that seems a little scary.Whats your take on that?
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #2 by Billie
Posted: April 17, 2010 at 20:40
looking for the diet on Zyvox an what i can eat
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #3 by ladyk
Posted: April 18, 2010 at 18:40
Billie -

Zyvox / Linezolid is related to a group of drugs called MAO inhibitors.

Certain foods interact with MAO inhibitors causing severe headache and increased blood pressure. This could lead to a medical emergency.

The following are among the foods and beverages to be avoided while you are taking Zyvox and for 2 weeks after you stop:

•Meat or Fish - pickled herring/liver/dry sausage/salami/meats prepared with tenderizer

•Dairy - yogurt/sour cream/aged cheeses (cream or cottage cheese are okay)

•Beverages - beer/red wine/sherry - Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine-containing colas/coffee/tea

•Fruits and Vegetables - avocado/bananas/figs/raisins/broad beans/sauerkraut

•Other - yeast extract/soy sauce/large amounts of chocolate.

•Tell your doctor immediately if you have any of these unlikely but serious side effects: easy bruising or bleeding, severe headache, severe dizziness, vision changes, tingling or numbness of hands/feet, fever, persistent sore throat, unusual fatigue.

•Tell your doctor if you have had diarrhea and stomach pain while taking other antibiotics. This may be a symptom of a different infection (pseudomembranous colitis / C-diff) that requires another medication.

Hope this helps.

Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #4 by ladyk
Posted: April 18, 2010 at 18:48
Billie -

Side note:
This drug should not be used with the following medications because very serious interactions may occur: atomoxetine, bethanidine, bupropion, buspirone, carbamazepine, certain antihistamines (azatadine, carbetapentane, chlorpheniramine), dextromethorphan, certain eye drops (apraclonidine, brimonidine), herbal products (e.g., ephedra/ma huang), methyldopa, certain narcotic pain relievers (fentanyl, meperidine), papaverine, drugs for Parkinson's disease (such as entacapone, tolcapone), reboxetine, SSRI antidepressants (e.g., fluoxetine, citalopram), sympathomimetics (e.g., ephedrine, methylphenidate), tetrabenazine, tramadol, tricyclic antidepressants (e.g., amitriptyline, doxepin), "triptans" (e.g., sumatriptan, zolmitriptan), weight loss drugs (such as sibutramine).
Avoid taking other MAO inhibitors (e.g., furazolidone, isocarboxazid, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, selegiline, tranylcypromine) within 2 weeks before, during, and after treatment with this medication.

If you are currently using any of these medications listed above, tell your doctor or pharmacist before starting linezolid.

Limit your ‘tyramine’ intake while using this medication, also avoid foods or drinks with high tyramine content during use because the combination may cause a serious rise in your blood pressure as mentioned above.

Best to you,
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #5 by ashley
Posted: May 12, 2011 at 03:49
well i have been taking this med for about a week an the doctor didnt tell me anything but if i dont take it i will end up in the hospital so wat can i not eat or drink
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #6 by ladyk
Posted: May 12, 2011 at 15:34
ashley -

What type of physician ordered Zyvox for you?

This should have been explained to you.

There is a list above (post #3 & #4 to Billie). Additionally you can do a search on... ‘Tyramine free diet while on Zyvox’ which will help confirm this information for you.

Below are additions to list of items one should avoid while on Zyvox.

Animal Products
Patients taking Zyvox should avoid aged, fermented, smoked, air-dried and pickled meats. These meats contain high amounts of tyramine. Patients should also avoid aged cheeses such as cheddar, blue, feta, brick, Swiss and parmesan. Patients are advised to eat fresh animal products that have not been stored in the fridge for more than four days. Patients may also eat unfermented cheeses such as cottage cheese, ricotta cheese and cream cheese.

Fruits and Vegetables
Patients taking Zyvox should avoid eating avocados, bananas, figs, prunes, pineapples, plums, raisins and oranges. These fruits contain a significant amount of tyramine that can interact with Zyvox. Vegetables that have high levels of tyramine include lima beans, snow peas, egg plants, pickles, olives, sauerkraut, beets, tofu and spinach. All soy products also contain high levels of tyramine and should be avoided by patients taking Zyvox.

Bread, Cereal and Pasta
Patients taking Zyvox should avoid bread products made with yeast extracts, sourdough bread, leavened bread, coffee cakes, cheese cake and homemade yeast leavened bread because they have high levels of tyramine. Patients may eat egg noodles, pasta, rice, cream of wheat and hot and cold cereals because they contain low tyramine levels.

Alcoholic Beverages
Some alcoholic beverages have high levels of tyramine and should be avoided by patients taking Zyvox. These alcoholic beverages include tap beer, unpasteurized beer, red wine and white. *This is attempt to avoid CNS (central nervous system) depressant effects and potential tyramine content.

Zyvox Administration
Zyvox should not be taken by patients who have used a monoamine oxidase inhibitor antidepressant within the past 14 days. Serious life-threatening side effects can occur. Zyvox can be taken with or without food. Patients taking Zyvox may require regular blood work to check for the effects of it on the blood.

*The main complication one is attempting to avoid is a hypertensive crisis.

Hope this helps to keep you safe Ashley.

Best wishes,

Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #7 by ingie bingie
Posted: May 31, 2011 at 08:01
a doctor gave me a uti, i was on zyvox for 8days 2x a day, after drinking some grape
juice and cranberry juice i had burning in my stomach for over 20hrs, my mom needed
to call the medic to take me to emergency, they said my pulse was normal, i drank
water for hours and hour when the burning started and it would not stop.. no one
warned me about what to eat or not, i checked the internet such as here but it seemed
to imply hight blood pressure and i didnt have that mouth from day 1 i
could taste the zyvox, i got vision the small letters were blurred, and could barely
walk,, very scary, i was afraid i was going to die, had to stop 17 tablets out of 20. now
im week its been 4 days since, now i noticed i shouldnt be eating these tyrimine foods
for another week and half, but i didnt know, and have been eating them..i have low
kidney function..and i was so happy to get the drug to help me. yea you feel totally
poisoned..they really didnt do anything at the emergency then i.v and give me a
potassium tablet..after checking my blood..horrible..hope this helps someone. just the
list seems to be almost all food! im still extreamly concerned for myself..good luck.
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #8 by Shay
Posted: July 23, 2013 at 03:33
I'm currently on zyvox and I'm staying away from anything packaged, any thing
that has preservatives, ripens and not fresh. The pharmacist told me to stay away
from all that because it contains tyramine (aged) so I've been on a rice, oatmeal,
and spaghetti with no yeast diet. The next time your at the store read the back
labels and check to see if there's ANY TYPE of preservatives. I also had good luck
with Granny Smith apples as long as you peel them to check for brown spots. I
hope I was a little helpful ill let y'all know more after more "experiments".
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #9 by Charles
Posted: September 8, 2013 at 21:31
I'm on Zyvox for the third time this year. Always for MRSA. (I've started asking the doctor is the culture swab comes preloaded....) Zyvox is a fantastic medication! Like all antibiotics. But, it has to be taken correctly in order to work.

When the doctor cultured the wound I knew what the result was going to be, so I went shopping for what I can eat before the results were back. I've gotten very good at this!

Ladyk's list is terrific and easy to understand. That was my major problem the first time I took Zyvox - trying to make heads or tails of all the different websites and remember from one to another the food restrictions. Allow me to make a clarification and addition -

Most people miss the caffeinated beverages bit. This means you can have all the decaf coffee or tea you want. You can have regular also. About 6oz a day total. Not of both. That's less than a cup.

And, I discovered right away the first time I took Zyvox that I can't have my favorite - chocolate.

NO hot dogs!
NO lunch meat! Including deli sliced meats.
NO pickled jalapenos. A favorite of mine!
NO pizza. Okay, you can have the crust, the sauce, and the veggies, but that's it!

What most websites don't tell you is that not only can you NOT have these food when taking Zyvox you should refrain from adding them into your diet for 2 weeks afterwards to avoid side effects for those of you who are susceptible. That means you've got a month of oatmeal for breakfast (already do that), peanut butter and jelly for lunch, and chicken and rice for dinner. Yes, I know the options are much greater, but this is what I tell friends to elicit sympathy. Hasn't worked, yet, but I'm still trying....

I make jokes about it, because it's by far not the worst med I've been on. It is the most expensive. But, I've been taking pills every day for the past 14 years and will until the day I die. Most with worse side effects. Pharma jokes aside the medications are what keep me alive. Turns out I think I'm going to live to see 50! I'm grateful for everyone of them!
Re: Tyramine free diet on Zyvox
Reply #10 by Brian Aberle
Posted: May 9, 2014 at 18:15
Because of my work and study with Syrian Rue, an MAOI, I have this list of things to avoid:

shellfish, all pork (except cured ham); caviar, shrimp, and shrimp paste, most alcoholic beverages - all beer and wine, sour cream, catfish, or any pickled meat, fermented sausages (pepperoni, mortadella, Salami), snails, processed Meat(bologna, liverwurst, some hot dogs) or any kind of aged, smoked, fermented, or marinated meat for example pickled herrings, beef jerky, or salted cod.

pickles, chocolate; and all fermented foods, such as aged cheeses such as blue cheese, vegemite, feta, camembert , stilton brick, brie, cheddar, swiss and parmesan , also processed cheese velveeta and cheese whiz, soy sauce, soybean condiments, teriyaki sauce, tofu or any soy product, tempeh, miso soup, sauerkraut, broad (fava) beans, green bean pods, italian flat (romano) beans, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, pineapple, dates, papaya, snow peas, avocados, eggplants, banana peel strings, figs, beets, olives, broccoli ,red plums, kim chee, all prunes, raspberries, several nuts select trail mixes carefully, peanuts, Brazil nuts, coconuts , ginseng, licorice, coffee cakes, cheese cake, an array of cacti(San Pedro is safe), cinnamon(trace amounts are OK), anise, curry powder(lots of curry is bad), hot paprika, nutmeg, balsamic vinegar and vinegars of all kind.

Some of the aforementioned foods are safe in very small quantities, but they are known to have tyramine. Do not eat anything other than very fresh food. No dried fruit , old bananas, banana bread, and just about all prepared packaged ‘meals’( canned, frozen, or dry packaged) contain tyramine. Products should not be used if they are close to the expiration date.

Fresh chicken, fish, and beef is GOOD. Eat perishable foods within two days after purchase. Go to the market often. Eat fresh white bread, wheat bread, rye bread, English muffins, crackers, bagels, hot and cold cereal, cream of wheat, rice, cooked dried beans, peas, and lentils, all pasta, apple, melons, spaghetti, egg noodles, rice, corn, asparagus, carrots, pumpkin, squash, zucchini, potatoes, American cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, tuna fish, tuna salad, milk: whole, 2% or skim, salt, chives, sugar, maple syrup, honey, and salad dressing made from olive oil and lemon juice.(no vinegar salad dressing) Properly canned or frozen FRESH food is GOOD if it is eaten immediately after opening or thawing it. Eggs must also be eaten immediately. A slice or two of FRESH yeast raised bread is safe because most yeast dies during baking, unleavened bread is perfectly safe you could eat a pound of it.

I hope my research helps somebody.

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