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Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Started by Jenn B
Posted: February 26, 2009 at 07:41
I'm scared and just looking for a little advice and support. I've just just noticed a large mass under my breast on Saturday. It was bright red and horribly painful. I've had bouts with cysts and stuff before so I had assumed that's all it was. Little did I know all of these "bouts" was actually MRSA. (I'm a nursing student and have done some research on the disease this week.)

I ended up going to the Emergency Room at the local hospital on Tuesday morning. I'm usually a pretty healthy person but the prior few days were torturous. I was experiencing not only severe pain from the mass but in my lower abdomen, neck, head, back and legs. I was running high fevers around 101.5, they would break and come back over and over. I was also extremely nauseous and I know I was suffering from dehydration.

So when I got to the ER I told them I was pretty sure I had a staph infection. The ER doctor kind of blew me off. "Oh yeah, everyone has MRSA these days." I kept asking him if I should be concerned about it getting in my bloodstream and he said "no and if it did I would surely know it." He sent me on my way with three prescriptions... Bactrim DS (2X day) Keflex 500mg (4X Day) and Darvocet for pain as needed. HE NEVER DID ANY TESTS even though I asked him to, he didn't find it necessary. The boil I have he said was still to hard and not ready for any opening/draining.

I am still sooo sick. I know it's only been approx 40 hours that I left the ER but I am scared. I really don't feel well and I never get this sick with anything. I'm barely out of bed. I can't eat or drink (nauseous) I'm still in so much pain. The antibiotics are really hard to stomach because I can't eat much. My head/neck hurts so bad sometimes I can't even lift my head. The boil is getting bigger and more painful but still doesn't look ready for draining. I'm still running fevers (he said it was normal with the infection) I guess in general I don't feel like I am "okay."

I DO NOT have health insurance and it broke me going to the ER in the first place. I don't have a doctor and am 3 weeks away from my visit to the free clinic, they can't see me any sooner. I feel like the ER is going to be a huge waste of money if I go back.

I'm just basically looking for opinions or advice or support :(
Should I be concerned? Or should I try to hang in there for a few days and see what the antibiotics do?

Thanks for any input, I'm just really scared!
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #1 by ruth
Posted: February 26, 2009 at 21:34
Sounds like you should go back to the ER. The antibiotics should stop it from getting
bigger. You may need an IV antibiotic.

Staph can't grow well when you have enough magnesium so take some magnesium. Also
real aspirin helps with staph.
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #2 by -K-
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 02:08
Certainly not an expert here.... but having been dealing with the same issue since last September here is what I have found out thus far. First and formost stay positive, (not to sound cheesy)
I also did the ER thing and yes it was a waste, been to Infectious Disease docs, ENT, Dermatologist, reg doctor, you name it I have seen them! Only you can best determine when and if emergency care is needed, and you should never hesitate in doing so! Now that's said...
Bactrim is commonly prescribed to treat MRSA, is a Sulfa antibiotic, I was also given this and it did work the first time around when outbreak began though was not effective thereafter. Not sure about Keflex though...
Heres what finally gave me results, after being on several diff antibiotics including IV form I had no results... What I learned from people on this site and additional research was a huge help, here is my daily routine now to help keep in controlled. Everything can be found cheap at your local market!
Dannon (DanActive)this product is cultured milk and contains active cultures L.Bulgaricus, S.Themophilus,L.Casei Immunitas (they are very tasty too!)
Vitamin: Acidophilus (probiotics)2x daily
Vitamin B complex 1x daily
Odor Free Garlic pills 2000mg 2x daily
Omega 3 fish oil capsules 2x daily
Vitmin C 1x daily
Cetaphil antibacterial cleansing bar for cleanning the area 2x daily

I also changed my eating habits a bit more and include many more fruits and veggies. I took over a month for full benefits of routine to work, though progress was seen throughout this time. Ultimately what this did for me was boost my immune system (very important) especially when on antibiotics. Stopped much of any future lessions from occuring, and when new ones appear they are gone much faster and with allot less pain. Asprin is also very good against MRSA according to recent findings. Yup... I still have it but it is more controlled and as I stay dedicated to my routine my body (assumption here) is producing good bacteria to help fight the bad... so to speak. Again this is my speculation and what I found to work for me, I am no doctor, but certainly was someone is search of answers and got none from anyone but some fine people on this site and allot of additional research. I wish you better health, keep up your spirits you will get through this. See how you respond to the Bactrim... I would suggest at the least to get the DanActive since it helps keeps your immune system up, antibiotics can really take there toll!
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #3 by -K-
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 02:15
Also one other thing that did work and was a topical treatment called Mupirocin ointment 22 grams (2%)This product helps to de-colonize the lessions / boil. Worked very well each time around, only a little bit is needed, and now I have had not needed it in some time :)Still good to have around, not sure what the retail cost is though...
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #4 by ladyk
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 13:51
Jenn B Ė

Iím sorry you are feeling overwhelmingly lousy. HYDRATE yourself. You must wash toxins from your body. Hereís a good place to startÖ 2 Emergen-C 1000mg packets (I mix with 8oz bottle water) drink, repeat 2-3 times a day, easily tolerated in citrus or cranberry flavors, not sweet. EAT. What you are feeling is like forced anorexia, yes? You can maintain on the BRAT diet temporarily, point is to get something into your stomach. Cream of wheat, and toast was how I survived initially. Most often on my worst days I was able to keep this down. Juicing is a great way to boost your immune system with extra nutrients and added supplements to assist its function. A depleted immune system is unable to do its preprogrammed biological job of killing system invaders we commonly encounter in our environment. You as a student nurse have access to volumes of data concerning the human body. There is a cascade of system failures one can encounter if you do not make a conscious proactive effort in caring for yourself. Not so easy when you feel infected! I understand.

I wonít hesitate in saying just how concerned I am on many levels. I do not believe you can, nor should handle this situation by yourself. Chest wall infection, difficult lesion site under breast, dark/moist, probably right where bra touches complicating cross contamination, etc. MRSA is an aggressive pathogenic opportunist that can/does rapidly deplete us once infected, so problem must be addressed with diligent maintenance.

I understand what you are saying concerning your financial situation. BUT, I can not express just how sick we can become, and how quickly MRSA infection can spiral out of control. In order not to waste time and money on less than satisfactory physicians (ER doctor who prescribed antibiotics WITHOUT culture, and blew you off with blanket statement everyone has MRSA) instead go directly to Infectious Disease specialist. Make appt now, usually theyíre booked weeks in advance. He/She will more than likely concur with treatment as ordered, but ID will also follow you in event of rapid decline. Arenít you required to carry student insurance? Perhaps you may still fall under your parentís health insurance as a student?

My immediate thought is to let your instructor in on your circumstances, more than likely she has connections and can get you in to see a good ID directly, especially if you are involved in a teaching hospitalÖ and I hope to God you are not seeing patients? What year are you? (Be prepared for potential backlash of exclusion from class and/or rotations. Understand you are carrying/infected with a pathogenic multi-drug resistant contagion. Some places of employment in the US require 3 consecutive negative nare cultures before they are able to return to work.) Your entire class and instructor should be nare cultured due to exposure, and should be treated accordingly if cultured positive.

Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #5 by ladyk
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 17:09

Iím happy to learn you are feeling better. Thank you for your very good post, and explaining your immune support regimen. Itís nice to know you found the forum helpful concerning your MRSA infection.

Best to you,
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #6 by Carlene
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 19:00
I agree with everyone else here. You NEED to return to the E.R. ASAP
I took my daughter to six doctors before one doctor that I knew (I am a nurse) strolled through the E.R. and asked me what I was doing there. When I told him her symptoms, he recognized it right away as MRSA and had me bring her to his office immediately. Please, return to the E.R. !
Good luck to you darling !!
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #7 by workinprogress
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 19:46
I hope everything goes well with you and sorry for your problems with the ER I wont go into how I feel about where the medical feild seems to be going
question ladyk had said about flushing the system would golden seal and echinacea help with cleaning our us out
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #8 by LindaA
Posted: February 28, 2009 at 23:34
please be very careful about the use of golden seal. For people with hayfever and allergies can have a very adverse reaction to it. Detoxing is great but you must be careful with adding certain herbs. Golden Seal is a distant cousin to ragweed, so anyone who reacts to it will most likely react to the golden seal. Look for a detox formula that does not contain golden seal unless it is listed as one of the last herbs. Probiotics will also do a good job of cleansing your system while balancing out the bacteria in the gut and intestinal tract. And as always, add large doses of Vit C. and garlic with a high allicin content. Allicin is natures penicillin. LindaA
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #9 by Colin
Posted: March 2, 2009 at 04:39
Jenn, -- If you live in Maryland, i would be pleased to recommend to you a superb ID
doctor, who was my doctor when MRSA was discovered in my left elbow and which
necessitated surgery. I believe the painful lump underneath your breast could be biopsied
and it definitely determined whether or not you have MRSA.

YOU REALLY MUSTN'T MESS WITH MRSA, as it can kill you, and even if it doesn't, can
really do a job on your immune system that will lead to all sorts of medical problems.
Unfortunately, I know, I've been infected with MRSA twice!
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #10 by Cat
Posted: June 3, 2012 at 16:40
I am diabetic and have had 2 cases of MRSA now. I am also allergic to 5 different antibioctics. I feel nasuas a lot off and on throughout the day. The advice that I have read in these articles seem to be very helpful and I am going to try them. I just graduated from college afyer 7 years, I am 54 years old and I feel this is way to young to feel this way, Thanks for the information that you all have contributed,
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #11 by Steve
Posted: July 30, 2012
I been informed I am for the fourth time I am Mrsa positive any ideas. Sent me
home with septra
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #12 by SAM
Posted: July 31, 2012 at 16:24
i went to the er lastnight because i had a huge boil and they said it was mrsa they put me on some antibioctics i know i just went lastnight but i feel worse than i did when i went to the er i'm getting sick i feel very weak, dizzy in general just not feeling good at all i dont know what to do
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #13 by ladyk
Posted: July 31, 2012 at 17:28

Was lesion cultured in ER? If lesion was not cultured, treatment (antibiotic therapy) is purely based on speculation!

What antibiotic?


The ER is appropriate if situation rises to the level of emergency.

*If you feel a grand failing 'don't hesitate' to get back in and be seen again! In saying this it is important to understand the ER does not specialize in infectious diseases, nor are they allotted sufficient time to address such an affliction - no follow up, nor are they up on current treatment options. If you do go back to ER request to be seen by an Infectious Disease specialist, there is commonly one in house at any given time or one who can be called in if the situation warrants it.

MRSA infections can rapidly spiral out of control if not addressed appropriately, this is a risk not worth taking.

Do let us know how you are doing.



Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #14 by Ray
Posted: July 31, 2012 at 17:42
I asked my family doctor to recommend me to an ID and he said they would give me same medical treatment that he had given me, namely, Clindacyamin Phosphate. So I decided to seek the help of a naturapathic doctor instead.
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #15 by worried
Posted: August 1, 2012
How does one go about obtaining an appt with an ID if the family doc will not write a referral and the ID won't take a patient without the referral?
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #16 by lily
Posted: September 29, 2012 at 04:30
Go to a sliding scale clinic in your area. Payment depend on your income. You may have to wait for an appointment for a week but your payment may be only twenty dollars. Let them know your problem on the phone and go from there. Good luck
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #17 by Ben
Posted: October 7, 2012 at 22:03
Keep trying to get to an IDD. Be creative. Ask the regular dr up front if he will refer you; if not, tell him you don't wish to be treated and ask for the appt to be cancelled without charge.
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #18 by Amanda
Posted: June 29, 2017 at 03:21
I'm not feeling good
Re: Feeling Very Sick With MRSA
Reply #19 by Bob Anderson
Posted: June 29, 2017 at 05:00
Amanda -

I hope you get to feeling better soon. In fact, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy an enhanced sense of well being.

In these days of antibiotic resistance, it's nice to have an alternative. To discover what I'm talking about, please read my garlic and garlic water posts.

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