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Started by Ashley
Posted: October 18, 2008 at 04:17
Hi, i am new and quite confused about exactly what MRSA is. Here's my situation:

My daughter is 15 mos old and rarely gets sick. Her babysitter is in her fifties, and has recently told me she has MRSA (she had surgery a while back). She also told me that a few days ago she had surgery to remove the infection. I asked her if she was contagious, and she said no, only if my daughter Alexis comes in contact with the open sore (on her thigh) that Alexis could catch it. But i have been searching the net for info, and from what i am reading, it is highly contagious...should i continue to allow her to babysit my daughter?

Another question, can MRSA be cured? My babysitter said that she has been on treatment since Monday...But will there always be a risk my daughter could get MRSA? I read about people getting cured, but always being a carrier, does this put my daughter at risk?

Also, are both MRSA and CA-MRSA contagious in the same ways?

Thanks for any replies, I am SO confused and worried! Ashley
Re: Confused
Reply #1 by Joe
Posted: October 23, 2008 at 23:53
I think it would be safer for your daughter if you will find another babysitter especially if she has an open sore because that is an easy way for the babysitter to infect your daughter. MRSA is a very strong bacteria and only a few antibiotics works against it do not take a chance change the babysitter before it is too late.
Re: Confused
Reply #2 by Marc C.
Posted: October 27, 2008 at 23:32

I concur with Joe on this. I've had MRSA multiple times before and it is highly contagious. If your babysitter has told you that she has MRSA then there is no reason not to believe her. If she has stated that she is not contagious, she made have a different definition of what "contagion" is but that being said, MRSA is HIGHLY transmittable and does not require contact with an open sore. It only requires contact with the infection which is often found on skin, doorknobs, toilets, walls,... I think you know where I am leading. MRSA resides in the nose, anus and other moist environments on it's human hosts.

Your baby has less immunity than an adult to any and all pathogens. I don't want to worry you nor do I wish to cause any hardship to your sitter but working with the presumption that you will dismiss her, you should thoroughly disinfect your household as well. Also, MRSA is NOT a virus but a bacterium. If is completely eradicated from the environment, household and hosts, you can feel relatively confident that as long as you maintain a clean environment for baby, MRSA will not visit again.
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