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MRSA Survivor
Started by Teri
Posted: May 25, 2008 at 23:18
This past week was 1 year since my first abcess was drained. The ER Dr.said they would do a culture and contact me is the medicine perscribed would not work. I never received that call and believed all was well. Approximately 1 month later I fell at the supermaket, was taken to ER because I couldn't get up. They x-rayed me and said all was well even though I complained of a sore neck. One month later I was on vacation and could not stand the paid in my neck and then another abcess appeared on the back of the leg. Went to the surgeon and complained of my neck and she said nothing and examined the abcess and perscribed antibiotics. I was to return the next day. I did but in a totally delerious state unable to talk or walk correctly. Family feared a stroke surgeon suggested they take me to neurologist for MRI. He asked my husband to remove the "gum" from my mouth as he couldn't understand me. My husband told him that was the concern. Next day my husband took me to the ER, I was totally incoherent. It took two days for them to diagnose meningitis, I was septic and the blood cultured in one culture only MRSA, although I was never told this or my family. Doctors think that when I fell, a hematoma formed on my neck, bacteria from first abcess attacked it, causing a retropharangal abcess infecting the menges of the brain causing the meningitis. I was in hospital for 1 month on the atom bomb of antibiotics and anti fungals .Only after the incident when we asked for medical records did we find the diagnosis of MRSA. My followup doctor 8 weeks later told me of my MRSA diagnosis on my first out patient visit, then when asked the following visit denied it. Ater received several vaccinations I was released and never given any advice or medicine. I've lost my hearing in right ear and was unable to swollow for almost 2 months, as of today will sometimes still have problems swallowing and it feels as if my tongue is swollen and when tired talk with a lisp. I thought I was cured until I was reading this forum and realized this is a very potential problem for me and my family for the rest of my life. What do I do? Why won't anyone answer my questions in the medical field. I am a 52 year old white female and I'm treated as if I'm imagining these symtoms. Can someone advise me?
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