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MRSA in sinuses
Started by Charlie R
Posted: August 17, 2005 at 20:52
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #1 by Denise
Posted: August 20, 2005 at 03:38
Charlie - MRSA can be contagious in households. But I have chronic eczema on my hands and I took care of my children with MRSA infections without getting it. (Thank God) I still don't understand why the doctor hasn't been able to culture your infection. Do you have any drainage?
I hope you will continue to feel better.
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #2 by Shelley Reilly
Posted: August 21, 2005 at 23:47
I was a CNA before I got MRSA and in the nursing homes if there was a patient with mrsa in the nasal cavaties or respitory system it was considered highly contagious. We had to gown up completely to be in their rooms. I hope this helps you because the drs don't seem to tell their patients how to deal with this at home. I have it in my right knee. I have had it since 2001. I may lose my leg. I cannot take vanco or zyvox because of reations. I am now on clyndamiacin. Good luck.
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #3 by ChairmanJo
Posted: August 22, 2005 at 01:27

You got MRSA in your right knee from the MRSA in your nose?

I'm so sorry and horrified -- I've been diagnosed with MRSA as well in my nose and was wondering how your aweful accident happened.

Best wishes!
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #4 by pat
Posted: August 23, 2005 at 13:10
I had sinus surgery 7 years ago and have not felt right since. I was diagnosed with mrsa in my sinuses ans had a course os iv vanco. felt good for a week but now i suffer again. off for a year and constantly sick with sinuses chills ans sweats what are not my drs doing? i have kids and dogs and am afraid of infecting them
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #5 by mary
Posted: December 21, 2006 at 21:34
hi guys
im desperate i had + nasal culture but believe this infection is in my sinuses. i was wondering if anyone at all can help me what were your treatments, symptoms etc.
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #6 by Leigh
Posted: April 7, 2011 at 23:53
I know what you are going through. I have one question though. I have had 4 sinus surgerys and have had MRSA in my sinuses 5 times. Everytime I have to get a picc line in. I am not sure if you guys know what a picc line is but it is a port they put in your vein and you give yourself iv antibiotics everyday at home. I had my last surgery 4 months ago and now I have MRSA once again. They put me on oral antibiotics but I thought that oral antibiotics don't work on MRSA. Can anyone give me an answer to this?
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #7 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 8, 2011 at 04:06
Leigh -

You're in the right place to learn about things that may change your life.

Natural non-irradiated garlic kills MRSA on contact and MRSA cannot become immune to it. Read the many garlic posts in this forum and you will find people who have cleared MRSA out of their sinuses using garlic water made from adding crushed raw non-irradiated garlic to water, straining it and using either garlic water nosedrops or a nedi pot to flush their sinuses.

Garlic is a very dynamic living thing that is in continual change, unless it has been irradiated, in which case it is dead and has no healthful properties.

Be sure to determine that the garlic has not been irradiated by cutting a clove removed from a bulb by cutting the clove vertically down the middle and verifying that it indeed has a sprout. If it does have even a tiny sprout then the whole bulb is good but if not, the bulb has been irradiated and has no health benefits. Also, natural garlic is hot to the taste when eaten raw whereas irradiated garlic has no hotness.

Most store bought garlic has been stored at 32F (USDA guideline) so that it sprouts immediately when put out at room temp, that's why it sprouts when you take it home. Your timeline for using it becomes very limited. However; the smaller bulbs of garlic that come in those little boxes with cellophane windows is usually not irradiated and stores for months at room temp but once you break into a bulb its storage life shortens considerably.

All that being said, there is no exact formula, you're just flying by the seat of your pants and garlic water only stores for a day or two so small batches are called for except in garlic baths. For neti pot use, using a tiny interior clove or cutting off a small piece from a larger clove is the way to go.

Crush the small piece and let it set in air for 60 to 90 minutes and use enough water to fill the neti pot, being careful to filter out the fragments before adding to the water. If you get the results you are looking for then you have used enough but if not, you might try a little larger piece for the next batch. Cloves with a piece cut out of them store well for a day or so but rapidly dehydrate and lose potency.

The reason for waiting 60 to 90 minutes is to allow more allicin to form as it does not form all at once but gradually.

A 1936 study showed that fumes from crushed raw garlic killed all bacteria out to eight inches from the crushed clove over a period of four hours so putting the CRG up close to the nose and smelling the fumes will be very helpful also.

I and everyone else in this forum will be interested to hear of the results you get.

Big Pharma refuses to have anything to do with garlic because it is cheap and effective with no side effects that require other prescription medicines. We are all on our own here. They make sure there are no FDA treatment protocols that include garlic so doctors cannot recommend it even if they know about it.

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #8 by Karen
Posted: June 24, 2011 at 03:15
Well, I am about ready to try wearing a garlic nose ring if it will help. I have been fighting this MRSA infection for 4 years..

Can anyone attest to the garlic treatment mentioned above?
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: June 24, 2011 at 15:19
Karen -

Here's a copy of a post which was received a few days ago and is in the thread titles "Garlic and Staph" which is a few threads down the line from this thread:
- - - - -
Re: Garlic and staph
Reply #38 by Katherine Posted: June 21, 2011 at 05:44

Tonight was the first time i tried the neti pot with garlic water. WOW!

I work as a personal trainer and have been battling MSRA since 2009. You name it, I pretty much have had it there, and or tried the antibiotic (both IV and oral). Monday of last week I had another bout and am sick and tired of seeing Bactrim and etc.

I am not sure if I am continually picking it up in the gym or it has settled down in my nasal passages. As mentioned above.... using it directly on the area works fantastic!
SO tonight I am embarking on a 10 day neti pot garlic flush. I am I plan to rinse with the garlic water twice a day. If nothing less it gives you a tremendous amount of energy and I have never felt this alert and clear from any type of coffee.

Warning Will Robinson... go easy on the crushed Garlic in water. I have been so frustrated I put 5 to 6 cloves in two cups of water. OUCH I think 1 clove per cup of water should work just fine. I'll let you know as I continue the process.

Thank you so very much for offering a site to learn and communicate with others about alternative approaches based on factual information regarding MSRA treatment (and garlic of course.

To the war on MSRA Fight on!!!!!
_ _ _ _ _

I also recall a few other people posting within the last six months that it worked well for them. Hopefully a few of them will post a direct answer to your question.

Hope this helps but don't use much garlic to start with, it can be very hot when raw if you get non-irradiated garlic.

Garlic that has been irradiated is not hot and it does not work, only natural garlic works.

Good luck to you

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #10 by Benny
Posted: January 13, 2012 at 13:47
Can you develop MRSA from dental surgery- gums being scraped ??
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #11 by FukMup
Posted: June 27, 2012 at 18:29
The Garlic doesn't help the Mrsa in my sinuses, but there's a lot of people here that say it works well on the skin infections, so I'm curious to see how it works out for ya.
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #12 by Bob Anderson
Posted: June 29, 2012
Fukmup -

Did you check to make sure that the garlic you used had not been irradiated? Irradiated garlic does no work, only natural garlic that has not been irradiated will work. Most ordinary store-bought garlic comes from China and has been irradiated to keep it from sprouting and it will not work. One has to get locally grown garlic or any garlic grown by small scale growers. The garlic grown on giant factory farms in China by big garlic distributing companies is irradiated and the radiation kills the enzyme that causes the allicin to form so irradiated garlic has none of the usual health benefits of natural garlic that has not been irradiated.

If one does get the right kind of garlic (non-irradiated)crushed raw garlic kills MRSA and all bacteria on contact and MRSA cannot become resistant to it because it kills bacteria in a more direct way than antibiotics that depend on being able to bond with chemical receptors on bacterial surfaces whereas the allicin in garlic simply penetrates the bacterium and kills it. Bacteria cannot become immune to that.

Never apply crushed raw garlic direct to flesh without diluting it in water first, otherwise the allicin in crushed raw garlic can burn flesh. Several people in this forum have reported success in using garlic water to flush the sinuses and their MRSA went away.

It's up to each person to decide how they will fight their own battle against MRSA. People need to educate themselves and learn all they can about it and the treatment options available to protect themselves and their families. It compels us to learn and take responsibility for our own good. Who else will look after your best interests if you don't? Each person must learn to make more informed decisions.

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #13 by worried
Posted: July 2, 2012 at 23:42
Bob,how long has your mrsa been gone?
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #14 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 3, 2012 at 21:33
Worried -

I was never diagnosed with MRSA, it was back in 1997 and it may have been MRSA or ordinary Staph but it really does not matter because crushed raw garlic (crg)kills all staph bacteria, no matter how resistant it is to ordinary antibiotics.

This is because antibiotics can kill only those strains that have particular configurations in their receptors that antibiotice can block and those that have a different configuration are said to be resistant but the allicin in crg does not need to try to block any receptors, it merely directly penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria, getting into its interior and causing it to swell up and burst, killing it. It kills all staph, regardless of how resistant it is to antibiotics.

Doctors recommend people see a specialist called an infectious disease doctor so that specialist can test their strain of bacteria and determine which antibiotic to prescribe for that particular strain. However, those using garlic water made from non-irradiated garlic do not need an IDD because the allicin in crg kills all staph regardless of what strain it is.

The difference is that no doctor is allowed to recommend garlic because it is not on the DFA's list of approved protocols and as long as it is cheap, unpatentable and freely available, it will never be approved. The drug companies don't want it to eat into their vast profits.

People have to find out about it on their own and use it on their own. Sometimes you just have to take charge of your own health and look after your own best interests.

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #15 by jene
Posted: December 3, 2013 at 16:11
Ive had 4 sinus surguries. This last
sugeries i had 2 bacterials &1 fungal.
I can NOT take steroids, irrigated
w.gentimyacin & antifungal med
almost in aphlactic shock from severe
allergic reaction to gentimyacin.
Since then ive had one really great
checkup. Since surgery been
contiually on high doses of cipro
along w funhal irrigation. Ivr noticed
mu eyes get bloodshot on/off. Last
month went to appt,.culture came
back staph mrsa, he didnt seemed
overly concerned. To continue Batrim,
that maybe fungal irrigation is
causing red blurry eyes & since last
culture was bacteria, antifungal really
wouldnt help. Since im out of state &
cant see me for now treat sinus w salt
irrigation. Im miserible, when 1st
spraying sinuses w the salt distilled
water mixture it burns. Getting chills
& hot yet no fever. Extremely fatigued.
I was just grand kids,they left
this morning & werent feeling well.
Questions: are all the staph/ mrsa
contagious ??
If so, how long does it take to spread
to another ??
Can iy spread from one part of body
to another ??
What about going into brain being so
close. My infections theyve always
sucking that crap that gets stuck
nehind my eye. I get psin or idk
headache eyebrow calling
my Dr back to tell him ive gotten
worse & including eyes. Also for them
to exact spelling of staph. I
have to drive over 1500 to get back
I totally understand & relate on how
all people on this

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #16 by Sinwa
Posted: July 8, 2014 at 04:07
I put the halved clove on the roof of my mouth and it burns a little just leave it for
a few then take out and vitamin c also does ok I was doing 5000 to 8000 a day. I
thought it was cancer or lyme I never thought about Mrsa. Incidentally my saliva
was irridesant weird.
Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #17 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 8, 2014 at 05:16
Sinwa -

It is not good to put cut garlic directly on delicate flesh or mucosal surfaces because it can produce painful second degree burns. To get the best results it needs to be diluted in water and when it is, every part of that water has strong antimicrobial properties and doesen't burn.

Hope this helps.

Re: MRSA in sinuses
Reply #18 by Priscilla
Posted: July 21, 2014 at 02:46
Bob, THANK YOU for the advice about the garlic! The garlic was a significant piece of my killing the HA-MRSA. I cannot tell whether the MRSA in the head came from the ear or the ear came from the head, but needless to say it has been an absolutely horrific experience, the worst event of my 62 years. My Internal Doc kept me on Doxy 100 2's @ day while I researched and tried naturals. Living Clay was a HUGE part of my getting better. Kangen Water 2.5 acidic with the Reverse Flip Sinus Flush by Friggy was HUGH. (I bought mine from the local Amish.) When addressing the ear, all the sinuses and related glands have to be treated, too. I also used Tea Tree Oil liberally in the ear and cleaned with Murine Ear Wash. I used liberally a Eucalyptus blend essential oil (buy only the highest quality)and took it internally AND swabbed my sinuses with DMSO (veterinarian)and the eucalyptus. In fact, I can rub the insides of my sinuses using eucalyptus on my little finger after the sinuses cleared. The MRSA was COLONIZED in the sinuses! You CAN kill it, Praise GOD and THANK YOU JESUS!:> Use the clay to pull toxins out so they will not hit the liver. It is a miracle that I killed off HA-MRSA is such a short time without major antibiotics. THEN it went to the L-form bacteria (rough, itchy elbows and little itchy bumps almost everywhere). I am now working on that. It made me want to kill myself when it first broke out at 4:30 in the morning the day after a visit to an I.D. doc who, because of my description and the distinctive elbow bumps, should have seen it coming! I gave myself an injection of an antibiotic in the macrolide family (Azrithramax,etc.)--(I live with animals!), since it was compatible with the Doxy and not in the penicillin family. I am once again heavy on the essential oils and continue to take the clay 2x's a day with a 6 hour window around the oral antibiotic. Oils are: L-form blend with frankincense, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and I am going to add in Bee Propolis. I do believe that I am close to killing off this Monster as well. Clay, by the way, strips the bio-slime that is essential in the MRSA re-grouping. Again, Bob Anderson, thank you for your generous advice. The garlic was a turning point with the ear!
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