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sinus infection
Started by donna
Posted: June 18, 2007 at 23:37
I have been treated for a "sinus infection" for about a year now. In Dec I was told it was MRSA and was put on Bactroban and Bactrim. That didn't work. In Jan I was referred to an specialist who put me on Zyvox-2 rounds. After being on it for a month I still had a sinus infection, he told me that it must be a secondary infection because after a month the MRSA would be cleared up but didnt do a culture. By Mar by asthma was out of control and for 3 1/2 wks they threatened to put me in the hostipal. During this whole time I still had the sinus infection. I was finally told I needed surgery. That the infection could not drain due to polyps. I had the surgery on May 7, it didn't change a thing. I still have the infection. The Dr said the culture showed a "significant" amount. Can anybody suggest something, anything?? I don't know what to do any more. Also, can someone tell me what causes this? I have no idea how I even got this. I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks
Re: sinus infection
Reply #1 by Nancy R
Posted: June 19, 2007 at 13:40

I had 6 weeks of Zyvox via IV after being diagnosed positive for MRSA after a hip replacement. It was a difficult drug to tolerate. About 25 days after my last dose, I started showing symptoms once again. I was then put on Cubicin (daptomycin). This is also administered via IV. It is much more easily tolerated. I had none of the side effects that Zyvox had produced. I'm still on it today. This is my last day of a 4 week regimine. It will be decided today whether or not to extend that.

I had a culture on Friday that revealed another staph infection (not MRSA) near the implant. I don't have the clinical name, but should by this afternoon. My surgeon cannot figure out how it could have survived the massive antibiotics when apparently the MRSA was checked.

Its very frustrating and confusing. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that I've now managed to acquire a new antibiotic resistant staph. Who knows?

If I may suggest, try adding some natural supplements. Until this personal experience with high dose antibiotics and their side effects, I would never have recommended any kind of supplements. I don't even usually take aspirin. However, I did improve when I added the following:

Probiotics- They restored the natural balance of flora in my gut, keeping diarrhea and yeast infections under control. I was losing weight for months before I finally got that under control.

Vitamin C- I started with 1000 mg a day and now take about 3000 mg a day. I will go to 5000 in another week.

B12 - I use a product called NO SHOT. You simply place on little tiny pill under your tongue and it dissolves immediately. I started with 1000 mc and now increased to 5000mc a day. This really gave me energy.

A really good multivitamin. I use a liquid natural fruit and vegetable supplement whose name escapes me at the moment, but I'll probably just switch to a pill form. This stuff is pretty disgusting as far as taste goes, and I find it convenient not to remember to take it.

I think we need to build a better body ie immune system. The antibiotics really take their toll and we must support our own body's ability to manage infection.

I'm certainly no doctor, but I can promise you that you will feel better if you help your body help itself.

I have no idea where I'll be in another year. So far, I feel better, but still have serious medical problems. I no longer have fevers and those awful sweats that come with MRSA. I think things will ultimately be fine, but you simply have to stay on top of things.

I will not take pain killers of any kind. They simply mask symptoms. You need to know where problems are brewing so that you can address them immediately. Doctors are quick to write scripts for painkillers just to keep their patients quiet. Pain is the body's indicator of problems.

Be vigilant. You MUST have a very good infectious disease doctor to truly manage your disease. I am blessed with an extraordinary ID. He's wonderful. It sounds as it your ID is also willing to be aggressive. That's very good.

Re: sinus infection
Reply #2 by Michelle
Posted: June 21, 2007 at 04:29
I was diagnosed in 2005 after abscesses at prior cancer surgical sites appeared. I have had over a dozen abscesses at this point...VERY painful. I just got out of a 6 day hospitalization + 7 day home health care IV antibiotic called Vancomycin. I have to go back in for blood work and have now started a 10-day nasal remedy and hib bathing!!
Have you been hospitalized prior to your diagnosis? That is where I got MRSA...IN THE FREAKIN HOSPITAL...being treated for cancer...our hospital and healthcare workers are sharing MRSA at an astounding rate!! Good luck to you!!
Re: sinus infection
Reply #3 by mary
Posted: June 22, 2007 at 05:43
hi donna
ive got this in my sinuses also.ive had this almost a tear now. ive been on a lot of antibiotic combos nothing is working. right now im getting ready to try levaquin with rifampin. i tried thegarlic and it seems to work better than the abs sofar. read the post under the products forum about phage therapy. im considering this because i cant take it anymore.i got mie from hospital just visiting my mom.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #4 by donna
Posted: June 26, 2007 at 02:28
Thanks everyone. Mary I don't think the Levaquin will work. I have been on it off on and for a year. I saw my ENT again today and she is putting me back on Zyvox and sending me to a new ID, who I see next week. I have no idea how I got this as I've had no hospital stays/visits and no one I know has it--at least that I know of. I will certainly try the vitamins and garlic--thanks Nancy. It helps knowing that I'm not alone. Thanks again for all the help!
Re: sinus infection
Reply #5 by mary
Posted: June 26, 2007 at 06:13
hi donna
your right the levaquin qnd rifampin combo is not working what all antibiotics have you been on. would you stay in touch with me so we can exchange info about therapies that work and ones that dont. most people only have it on their skin its hard tofind someone who has it in their sinuses to be able to compare symptoms and medications and treatments that have been tried. here is my email address please email me at anytime.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #6 by Bev
Posted: October 12, 2010 at 14:40
i know so many massage therapists who have mrsa - just not mrsa carriers. Get out of the business, and find a healthier one. That's what i am doing.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #7 by Bob Anderson
Posted: October 12, 2010 at 15:09
I am not a doctor of any kind and I cannot give any medical advice, all I can do is discuss the properties of garlic and let people and their health care providors decide for themselves what, if anything, to do. If you are allergic to garlic you should not use garlic in any way.

Crushed raw non-irradiated garlic kills staph, including MRSA on contact. A study done in 1936 showed that the fumes of crushed raw garlic killed all bacteria out to 8" from a single crushed clove.

More recent studies have shown that staph, including MRSA cannot become immune to garlic. If one breathes in the fumes of crushed raw garlic through the nostrils, the fumes will kill staph in the nasal passages and sinuses. It will take some repetitions because fumes are the weakest form of garlic.

A stronger form is to let a crushed clove of garlic set for 15 to 90 minutes, the longer it sets the stronger it gets up to about 90 minutes. Add it to a pint of water, shke thoroughly to insure full mixing with the water and then strain all the particulate matter and use it in a neti pot to flush the sinuses with the garlic water. The garlic water will kill all staph it comes into contact with.

You can crush several coles and let it set for 90 minutes and bathe in it and it will kill all staph on your body and some will soak inside through the skin and kill staph that way.

It's important to get only non-irradiated garlic as irradiated garlic has no health benefits. Fortunately, there's an easy way to tell. Remove a clove from a bulb and cut it vertically down the middle of the bulb and look at the two halves. If there is a little growth shoot or tiny pale green baby leaves, it is good garlic and has health benefits. But if there is no growth shoot or little leaves, then the garlic has been irradiated and has no health benefits because the radiation kills the enzyme that triggers the processes that result in the health benefits but since the enzyme has been killed, there is no chemical reaction and no health benefits. Also, irradiated garlic is not hot to the taste when eaten raw like natural garlic.

Hope this helps.

Re: sinus infection
Reply #8 by David
Posted: October 16, 2010 at 01:01
Yikes, this all sounds too familiar. (see my post on Long Term Effects of HA-MRSA)

I've had a total of 9 sinus surgeries since 1992. One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that if you do not have proper drainage to *all* sinuses, you will never live without infection. It is simple, sinuses are like plumbing. It all flows downhill. If you have any of your sinuses that remain chronically infected (maxillaries, ethmoids, sphenoids or frontals), you will go through infection after antibiotics after infection until you provide proper drainage.

Your choice of ENT/Surgeon is critical. Some will basically go for the low-hanging fruit and leave ethmoid cells, your sphenoids or frontals untouched. If that is where your issue is, the surgery that doesn't address the problem -- fails. (I learned that the hard way)

A review of the actual films from the CT of your paranasal sinuses with your ENT is critical. Not the narrative report, the actual films. (now electronic files, instead of films) Have in go through the slides and point out where you have any compromise of air-space in your sinuses and have him point out any areas of infection. Also have him look for any mucosal thickening or thinning of the bone structure. With a complete picture, you and your ENT can come up with a logical approach to surgery and a cure.

Also note that with MRSA infected sinuses, you may not have any of the classic MRSA boils/symptoms (they are inside), but the slow poisoning effects of the disease can be much worse.

Good luck and remember fixing your sinus issue is an "all or nothing" proposition.

and... I'm not a doctor, but I have had a world of experience and hurt from sinus problems & MRSA.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #9 by DAWN
Posted: January 21, 2012 at 18:23
Re: sinus infection
Reply #10 by patrilinus
Posted: October 22, 2012 at 18:39
i am a patient in a reliant care level 2 nursing home . i had a sinus infection that went untreated and uninvestigated after multiple requests for treatment. i got a secondary MRSA infection in my sinus cavities, and my doctor that i finally got to see (ENT) , DR WANLESS in moberly said he could guarantee that the infection was already in the bone. he has treated me twice with METHYCILIN BASED DRUGS, NAMELY clindamycin. he suggested that i get surgery to reduce flesh and bone around the opening of the sinus cavities to lessen the infection, he however, stated that it probably would never be cured and made no mention of using alternate proven-effective anitibiotics. i am struggling to get a second opinion, however am under the auspices of the reliant behavioral health system and my requests for treatment were lableled "behaviors" since i just would not let the doctor that left me that way for 1 1/2 years, Dr. eric barnes, decide my (non) treatment. i am also under guardianship and have asked my deputy for removal from the reliant system completely, a second opinion doctor and that i not be in a reliant system nursing home when i DO get surgery. wish me luck. i am hoping that i will lbe ALLOWED to seek proper treatment and it will be provided before the sinus brain barrier is reached. sorry to bum you out, but that's what i'm going through. thanks for reading.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #11 by maria
Posted: November 12, 2013 at 02:03
Got Mrs a again have had 15 surgeries to sinus and ears lost hearing. Got a rx
for zyvox used 5 yrs ago along with apple cider vinegar it worked til now.
Irigate sinus saline good can DD crushed garlic water garlic has to be organic
and fresh let sit at least 2 hours after cruing in distilled water hen irrgate the
heck out of your sinus. Good luck have cried many a day wondered hy me,
now just have alot memories of a normal life where I could still her without a
Co clear implant grateful for it but when it comes off my world is silent. Good
luck god bless to all:-)
Re: sinus infection
Reply #12 by Ann Cruver
Posted: January 18, 2014 at 15:23
I was just put on a new treatment by my ENT. Bacteria such as these live in a
biofilm colony. Oral and IV antibiotics only work on blood born bacteria. I us in
vancomycin tobramycin Bethamethasone and a chelating agent intranasally. I have
been struggling with sinusitis off and on for years. This year has been brutal.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #13 by Chad
Posted: March 29, 2014
PLEASE try this if u want to rid yourself of these sinus infections. First let me
give a background. I first got mrsa on the skin. The antibiotics would get rid of it
only to pop up again two weeks later. This happened four times. I finally used a
remedy I saw on a forum and hadn't had a prob for about a year until i started
having severe sinus issues. Went got antibiotics and didn't work. I don't know y I
dealt with it for about two months before I used my garlic remedy again. Six days
after my head aches where completely gone. I take two larger cloves of organic
garlic. Crush them flat. Chop them up and wash it down a little at a time. I did this
three times a day when I had the infection and once a day know to prevent further
infection. I know everyone is different but if u can commit to doing this on a
regular routine and deal with a faint garlicky smell coming from ur pours at first I
believe this will be a God sent for many people as it was for me. Good luck.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #14 by Billy
Posted: April 14, 2014 at 13:37
I have a MRSA sinus infection after having sinus surgery, on
bactrum(sp) now no clue if i got it from surgery or had it before
surgery. But I didn't start having huge nasty discharge until after
surgery. that was 18 months ago. Just found out the crap coming out is
MRSA. The garlic do you just crush it and hold it under your nose and
breath in the vapors?
Re: sinus infection
Reply #15 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 15, 2014 at 05:13
Billy -

That will help greatly but only if it is fresh non-irradiated garlic. Grocery store garlic mostly comes from China and Chinese distributors irradiate the garlic to kill the sprout so it looks good on the shelf longer but it kills the enzyme that creates the allicin so it has none of the usual medicinal benefits.

This time of year it is very difficult to find any good garlic because it harvests in June or July and most of it has perished by now although there might be some Silverskin from a northern grower still good but all but impossible to find.

An excellent substitute is properly made garlic powder. But if the garlic powder was made from irradiated garlic, it still won't work. Fortunately, there is a way to tell. If a few grains of garlic powder placed on the tongue taste hot, it is good garlic powder but if it tastes garlicky but does not burn the tongue, then it has been irradiated or improperly prepared and it will taste like garlic but without the bite. It is that bite or hot taste that is the allicin and so it still has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria.

One can breathe in the fumes and that will work or one can mix a LITTLE garlic powder into some water and let it set for 20 to 30 minutes and strain the particles out and then put water in a neti pot and irrigate the sinuses a few times a day until the MRSA goes away. Or, one can take a long hot soak in a tubful of water to a teaspoon of garlic powder. For more information, read the garlic posts.

Good luck to you.

Re: sinus infection
Reply #16 by seninwa
Posted: July 19, 2014 at 04:37
I heard in order to get inside the Mrs you need sea
salt to breakthrough the covering of the organism
(the not sure but it seems yo help.
Re: sinus infection
Reply #17 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 19, 2014 at 20:47
seninwa -

Those who use garlic water baths do not need anything else but the non-irradiated garlic. The allicin in crushed garlic penetrates the bacterium , gets inside and makes the bacterium swell up and burst, killing it. MRSA cannot become resistant to that so even when the antibiotics eventually completely lose their effectivness, which is only a matter of a very few years now, garlic will continue to kill MRSA after it has become comepletely immune to commercial antibiotics.

Hope this helps.

Re: sinus infection
Reply #18 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 19, 2014 at 20:49
seninwa -

Those who use garlic water baths do not need anything else but the non-irradiated garlic. The allicin in crushed garlic penetrates the bacterium , gets inside and makes the bacterium swell up and burst, killing it. MRSA cannot become resistant to that so even when the antibiotics eventually completely lose their effectivness, which is only a matter of a very few years now, garlic will continue to kill MRSA after it has become comepletely immune to commercial antibiotics.

Hope this helps.

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